The Big Girl: My Child Gets Her Ears Pierced. Mommy Always Filming!!





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Published on Jul 10, 2010

My little girl is going to be 5 in less then 3 wks now, and she has been asking for her ears to be pierced, since she had turned 3 yrs old, but I kept putting it off, and putting it off. I had bought her a couple pairs of earrings, but she never had the holes to fill them.

WHELP, 2 days ago we finally bit the bullet on this, and though really nervous as you can tell, she came through with flying colors, and adores her new earrings. Every stranger she meets, knows about them, and must take a peek, lol.

I had mine pierced at 3...well, one anyway, and it was a HORRIBLE experience, where they did 1, I ran, it closed up, and I got pierced the year later again. This memory weighed heavilly on my mind when considering this for her. The Dr. told me, to do all the girls now (meaning my 2, four month old twin girls to), because this is the best time to do it.

Whelp at 1st I thought he was right, it's quick, then over, they don't have memory of it, yadda yadda. And I was thinking, I wish my mom had done that so I didn't remember it, but then as the date approached, I got more & more chicken. Friends and people I asked, almost all, said GO FOR IT, alot had done it early w/ their own, and say now is the time, but in the end, I could not do it.

Mikayla is so proud of herself for making it thru this w/ flying colors, and feels like such a big girl, maybe waiting, will give the twins, this same, ++++ experience, or so I hope. This was hard to handle for me, being that I'm a wuss when it comes to a shot, and this I taped, so i had to watch some, then i closed my eyes at the last sec, but I saw the nerves in her face, and it hurt me, but i gave her an out, and she wanted to go thru, so i filmed her, and then she said, 'put it on the site ma', lol. If only the men in my life would be as candid.

Anyhow, she got it done, I breathe a sigh of relief now, and have almost 5 years before I gotto go through it again with another x's 2. I ended up thinking, if she can do this so well, maybe at that age, it's best. Not that I don't believe all baby girls will grow up to want earrings because I DO, so it's not that, it's just my heart's choice, and there really isn't any rush, their ears are not going anywhere, and it must be easier to pierce bigger ears, vs tiny ones, and i could NEVER be the one holding my girls' head, while they cry and are being marked, that alone would kill me.

i watched a couple vids here on youtube, and that completely confirmed my decision to wait. I judge nobody though, because we almost did it ourselves, I just want to wait now, for certain. Congrats my sweet Mikayla, mom is sooooooo proud of you:)



ps- I CANNOT watch this video, it hurts me! She thinks her reaction is funny now. lol. KIDS! Yeah I could survive a double newborn piercing *HA HA*... See ya again in 5 yrs:)

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