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'Muhammad-mocking movie to flare up troubled region'





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Published on Sep 12, 2012

There's been an attack on the US embassy in Beirut. This comes after President Obama confirmed that his ambassador to Libya - and three other officials - were killed in the city of Benghazi. Christopher Stevens was at the US consulate there when an armed mob stormed the compound, in protest at an American film which has been described as an insult to Islam.

A team of US anti-terror marines is reportedly heading to Libya to beef up security for diplomats. RT talks to independent news editor James Corbett.


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Comments • 774

nice Amigo
Muslims worship mohammad, proof they all copy him beard and dress, many go with or marry young girls like mohammad his wife was 9 yrs old, he killed many unarmed men woman and children in the haddith,  The koran is full of arab demons ALLAH and jihads and tax against non muslims very like I.S. today.
Islam is a peaceful religion, and if you convert now, they won't kill you!
T Malachi
No, muslims going about blowing people up is what shapes our opinion about Islam. 
Hunais Usman
most people criticizing Islam dont even know the meaning of the word Islam, they heard something from the media, and started hating it instantly bravo bravo,
Gab t
the muslims are all religious freaks over there, cause thats the only way they can be so we cannot expect to see them thinking on different ways cause they are not even aloud to do so, i feel sad for them mostly for womens poor life they have always submissive always outsiders, im sad for those people i really hope real freedom for them, i just feel really sad... 
Muhsin SAS
Haha... I think your upset now cause you haven't got nothing to say. Stop writing to me if you haven't got nothing constructive to say huh? You have made an arse of yourself here while people read your silly comments man. "Why are we talking about religious matters? You're clearly NOT the right person to be talking to about this matter. You also sound very silly now. You've gone away from the point here!" HOW IS THAT? IS THAT GOOD ENGLISH FOR YOU?
el presidente
@Muhsin Abubakar Shaqsy MoeJoe You are a religious freak. Believe in your fictional story and follow a 2000 year old story, idiot. Welcome to the 21 century. The Bible and the Koran are fake. Its written from people to suppress other people. And if you have somthing too say write like a normal Human and not this stupid (takin2, G2be, 2be talkin whats wrong with you is this what you have learned in school?
Muhsin SAS
Y R we den here talking religious matter? UR clearly nt da right person 2B talkin2 in regards 2dis mata! U also sound very silly now. U've gone beside the point here!
el presidente
@Muhsin Abubakar Shaqsy MoeJoe ... (society mate)? You live in a rich country and i bet you have no idea about the country where are the Muslims strong. They are Bankrupt and the people are poor, most of them are dictatorships and if you steal or smoke they chop your hands, hang gay people on trees and many more examples. So i´m really happy not to live in such a shit country. If you think its better leave the USA and go back in the desert.
el presidente
@Muhsin Abubakar Shaqsy MoeJoe Äh no you maybe right that i´m not really religious. I´m the opposite. I believe in everything which is explainable with science, and in the Bible and the Koran isn´t anything explainable with the truth so believe what you think i don´t care. But we should make jokes about Christians, Muslilms, Hindus and every other Religion. I live in germany and we can say what ever we want. If its not acceptable for you leave youtube and don´t look TV.And please what a.....

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