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Published on Oct 21, 2007

Tupac Good Die Young off the Album Still I Rise

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I miss 90s so much.So deep music and deep poetry. 90s was heights of music. I love music with message. Now music is going down. Music is dyin... Could anyone tell me why?
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Songs like this forever proves how trash lil Wayne and all the fags like kanye and drake will never even amount to anything close to the king of rap, Tupac....
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dester loko
The only reason biggie aint as good as pac because he talked about the same shit all the time murder money and hood shit tupac talked about the pain in the hood thats why pac is on the real because even the craziest motherfuckers dont love that life after a while 
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Yaya Yaya
Pac always kept it real and we won't forget him for it.
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VIC Rogers
Yaya Yaya
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This album is really overlooked in Tupac's discography. So many great tracks and verses from Pac, Outlawz are great on the record too. Really love this track :-)
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andy m,
fatal got taken off album cause he was remaining loyal to pac after he die cause pac wanted the outlawz to not go back with deathrow
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ZizNighT B
yeah good die young Tupac(1971-1996) Yafeu fula(Kadafi) (1977-1996) Hussein Futal (1977-2015)
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Cinematic Central studios
Now Big Skye is gone. Man shits getting heavy
I mean rest in peace, for tupac, and only spoke after that, I do not mean that every group in the world died
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Blaine Thompson
No rapper can strike that soft spot like Pac , R.I.P
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You Awake?
We're trying by putting J Cole and Kendrick Lamar out on a pedal stool
vaughn catilon
4 real bra.
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Rip Fatal Hussein.
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Right on
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C Mota
R.I.P god of rap 2PAC music is gay in 2015 fuk the club money and hoes concept its so boring and played out 2pac was on some real painfull life situation shit..why am I such a big 2pac fan because he touched every subject in life... no rapper out there can even compare!! Fuk eminiem fuk lil wayne drakes a fagg gay z I hate todays illimaniti puppets 
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John O'Phelan
How right he was. R.I.P Pac, taken from us far too early, left music that will last for eternity.  He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.
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