Gamestop Wants to Sell Retro & Vintage Video Games





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Published on Sep 1, 2012

So looks like they finally found out people are still interested in older games, so I talk about the good and bad points of them deciding to throw their hat into the ring on this.

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Time to dust off this video, IT'S HAPPENING!!!
+trebor490 just what i tough when i saw the news...people is gonna give their crap to GS for cheap. People would sell their grandma for cheap. The hardcore retro community is not gonna fall for it, but so many kids are gonna waste so many $ to jump on the last vintage bandwagon.
Ryan O'Reily
Know that when these Gamestop employees ask about pre-orders, powerups, etc., it's because their managers require them to do so. If they don't get X amount of pre-orders, power-up cards, warranties, then they will get written up or even fired. If an employee hasn't met a reserve quota in a certain amount of time, Gamestop will terminate them. EVEN IF a manager doesn't HEAR an employee ask about reserves, they can write up that individual. Pretty fucked up, eh? The same thing is happening at other stores too, like Target, employees have to get X amount of people to sign up for Target credit cards. If not, their job is forfeit. So, when you say "Fuck the employees who ask me those annoying questions", how about say "Fuck Gamestop corporate dickheads who forces these fearing-for-their-job employees to ask me those annoying questions".
The FrostyPuffMan
Meh, not really annoyed about the membership card thing, "only have that happened to me once and it wasn't bad." What I do hate is how Gamestop has shitty store credit for returned games. It is quite an eye-sore seeing ads for trade-in credit all over the store. <_>
GameStop is shit! I also cannot stand when a game is out brand new $60 and will try and sell you a used version of it for $55 bucks lol....
Working at Gamestop, I can say this: What else can we do?  They're new as can be but are used.  Can't make them the same price or else people will complain they're the same price as new.  The only thing I hate is that we buy games for so cheap.  Wish I could control that for some games.  We're also forced to push the Powerup cards and pre-owned sales, so it's not the employees fault.  Trust me.
Michael Wolfe
"Games should not exceed $50 if they are for old consoles" If I walked into a Game Stop and saw Panzer Dragoon Saga, Earthbound, NWC gold cart, and the whole Neo Geo library for $50, I would shit my pants, have a fucking heart attack, stroke, and seizure, while also turning inside-out and upside-down, and just for shits and giggles pounding every bone in my body to dust. Then I would get reincarnated into the next guy who happens to walk into the store, so I could do it all over again! And knowing Game Stop employees, they would just turn me around so it looked like all this happened as I was LEAVING the store.
+Michael Wolfe Seen Earthbound in Japan of around 7$ multiple times
Ha! GameStop's CEO is Mr. Krabs.
Lol that's actually not true.
Espe 23
I'm dead that's facts right there XD
Ryan Acosta
Gamestops CEO is Mr. Krabs
Let the memes commence. 😑
That explains that standing fee I got for just looking at games.
in a town that is a couple of miles away, there is a used game store that sells used games that are really cheap so I could get resident evil 2 for 5 bucks
Lance Nuckolls
Gamestop cannot fix the price gouging, people will just buy up their stock and sell it on ebay. I own a game store, and have that issue with people...  I want to dictate prices, but can't... we would just be out of stock and out of business :( eBay has destroyed gaming, we are held to those prices.
That doesn't make any sense, you're still selling out. Plus, if you dictate the prices instore, that allows for a market shift to potentially occur in the wider international used games market. People aren't going to re rebuy the games on ebay for ridiculous prices if there are better alternatives.
Chris Gammon
I just do like Warren G and Nate Dogg. I gotta emulate!
The FrostyPuffMan
Gamestop employees ask if people wanna preorder? That is new considering that I have been to Gamestop and have never been asked about preorders. That is, in my humble opinion, a very illogical thing to do because for one thing before I walk into a Gamestop, I always make sure to check out the new games and such, then ask if there is a preorder. I also would do my research about bonuses before going to the store. 
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Whore Chevez
There's a difference between old (xbox360)and classic (super nintendo) games. 
Whore Chevez
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