Newt Gingrich destroys clueless Bill O'Reilly on Obama and Socalism





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Published on May 7, 2012

Many people have said that "Newt Gingrich is the smartest man in the room," and Bill O'Reilly not only proves it, he show the world just how utterly stupid he is with respect to Socialism and utterly befuddled by what the radically-Leftist, Marxist-Leninist usurper has been doing while in the White House, Gingrich gives O'Reilly a college education on why he should be PResident and O'Reilly should be a janitor

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Tim Ballentine
Newt has been proven right.Obama has shown himself as a socialist dictator.
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TheDrRJP Also, one of those articles (the craziest one where staying in DC until your daughters finish school is an attempt at undermining Trump) sites the other (the one clearly marked as opinion, with no actual sources) as it's source. So no. That doesn't constitute proof, or at least it didn't prior to the current fact-free administration.
TheDrRJP So the Daily Caller article SPECIFICALLY states that Obama himself did not direct any of the activities described. The WND article has some crazy and debunked information in it and the last article is an opinion piece. Obama didn't want Trump to win but he did and he has been nothing but gracious since election day. The same cannot be said of Trump, who made his political bones lying about Obama in the most vile way and who has been disrespectful towards Obama in an unprecedented way since he was sworn in.
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as a socialist and communist i can honestly say the only thing obama has done that remotely resembles socialism is socialized health care, which he tried to do because it works extremely well in countries that have it (including not socialist ones like canada) very obviously, but it's practically not the plan it was due to him having to compromise with anti-socialist anti-communist politicians who are stuck in the fucking cold war and refuse to experiment or even learn about new political and economic ideologies. if you honestly agree with newt gingrich, you need to retake civics lol
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as someone from Spain, socialized healthcare is fine as long as you don't need any major surgery..if that's the case, you have to deal with horrendous wait lists.
+bipola telly UR A MINE OF INFORMATION,,
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Obama works for big capitalist corporations , He can't be Socialist , it's a fear game to the americans, anyway vast majority of americans voted for him twice in a row .
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+sanmoratalla Hillary and Obama would be called 'capitalists', where they allow big corps to exist(these politicians love corps' money) while they control everyone else. A lot like the Chinese communist government. Makes sense
Rosie O'Donnell
The same can be said about Bush.
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I love Newt! A genius and conservative giant among men.
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Ron Owens
edward james Jesus you have no brains either
edward james
you scumbag
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Rick Burton
charles woods
Bill O'Reilly aka Bill Reilly of radio fame is a back stabbing thug ! Ask anyone who worked with him when is was in radio .
LOL. He should change his closing statement to: "Thank you Mr. Speaker for letting me talk over you"
Guy Davies
what a shame that O'Reilly (and many other commentators and people in that country), do not understand the term socialism.  Obama when viewed from almost any other country in the world would appear right wing.  Most world leaders are proud to be a modern social democrat. O'Reilly cannot understand the difference between socialism, communism, or even fascism.  Quite shocking that so many people there swallow what he says without question.
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Glennie Sewell
+Max Roman Funny. Watch those isms.
Max Roman
We might have to coin a new word.  "Socialism" will retain its true meaning (i.e a benevolent populism) and "amero-socialism" to mean what Americans think socialism to mean.  Which is cross between Communism, Nazism, and Diabolism.
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Jon Smith
Obama is a center-right corporatist at best. the only thing he did that was in any way deem socialist was Obamacare but hell that was Mitt Romney's plan when he was governor. I'm no fan of Obama but all these idiot neocons that try to make him seem like he's so socialist that he makes Fidel Castro look like an anarchist are just naive at best and misleading at worst. in the end when we look back thirty years from now Obama will just be a run-of-the-mill middle of the road president with his best Legacy of being the first black president I hate to say because even though I don't care for him I feel like the race angle of his legacy just to be very childish. why can't we move on from race in this country and just see every person as a man or woman. with their own ideas accomplishments and failures , someday I hope before I die I get to see that
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bipola telly
, Jon.... nothing is as it seems! obama (or whatever his name is) was raised a communist.... i know he gave billions to the banksters, but they created communism....(-: convoluted i know...layers of lies upon layers of half-truths and the odd bit of truth.... it's how good liars work! you know this, i'm sure.... but you haven't done the digging.
bipola telly
well... he IS owned by the corporations....
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You know you are retarded when your opinion gets grouped together with Rush Limbaugh. Take a look at the industries you're talking about and you'll see why they were nationalised nationalised the mortgage industry Yes, because the private mortgage industry was working so wondefully under their tutelage. The housimg market caused the most serious collapse in the economy since the great depression. And its not nationalized, there are just new laws in place that prevent banks from doing the same shit they did before, like financing highly unlikely mortgages. nationalised the car industry Americas car industry failed. Would you rather have no American car on the market to satisfy your capitalist agenda then? With the high barriers to entry, its very likely no one would be producing cars in the US apart from Ford. Not only does that mean the loss of thousands of manufacuring jobs, but it also means the price of cars going up because basically we have lesser domestic choices. Nationalised student loans America is the one developed country in which, just one persons college bill can be higher than the parents yearly income. countries like Germany have free education and are doing all the better for it. Its EDUCATION, something that makes the workforce smarter, better prepared for the job, they shouldn't have to worry about drowning in debt just to put themselves through college. Shame on Obama for trying to do something about our fucked up education system. Newt gingrich, you are an idiot.
Vincent Jones
hustler2406 My God you are ignorant, I mean, like a completely new dimension of ignorant! But don't let me slow you down, keep on trucking bro!
Bruce Armstrong
+hustler2406 The auto industry would not have gone out of business. One car maker refused help from Obama and is now doing just fine. Just what is Obama doing for education? Just what? Just where do you find a American teacher that will teach for nothing? More money doesn't make a teacher, teach better.Education is a business. Germany is not the USA and has much fewer involvements in the world,not to mention a different govt set up.Shouldn't have to worry about drowning in debt? Where does a person have a right to go to an expensive college? The country has thousands of college grads that cannot get a job. Why? Many reasons. Just why should I pay for someones elses rubbers so they can have safe sex? The American can get a higher education if they try enough. Besides, not everyone is college material. Many great people did, and still do not get a piece of paper that says they are better suited. I alway say that ( they are educated beyond their abilities).Have a good one.
David Whitecrow
Obama is a Socialist Muslim, embracing Sharia Law...He is an extreme Islamic Communist.
Ron Owens
edward james You are full of wisdim
edward james
you idiot
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