Douchebag guy harassing skaters in LA





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Published on Dec 30, 2011

random guy yelllin at us for skatin on public property
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Marshall Eriksen
Props to the black dude. He didn't know these kids at all but he stood up for them because he saw a douche bag treating them unfairly
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David James
Marshall Eriksen It's very noticeable that you don't EVEN try to answer my (perfectly straightforward) question "HOW was he treating them unfairly? " I wonder why, lol. Presumably it's because you CAN'T. * * *
David James
Ganchy You don't like the truth do you, lol? And if you had much intelligence you wouldn't need to ask what the "* * *" is for. Also, you should learn to use the shift key (more consistently) . . . lol. * * *
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Bboy Itami (Synergy Crew)
"You gon open a whole new can of whoop ass"
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Ninjashark 31
Trial_With_An_Error that's a dumb line.... and he did not say gon
Miku Hatsune
Shots fired
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This guy said like 500000 time bro... :D
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you really actually never noticed black people keep repeating themselves?
Wayne C
What is bong
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Grammar Nazi
Hey bro! I have a speech impediment bro! or maybe poor vocabulary bro! at any rate bro! I have to say bro all the time bro! bro, it's fucking annoying isn't it bro? 
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David James
How right you are bro! I completely, bro, agree with you bro. Well said bro. * * *
+sonia K what about orange latino guys? we be hottt tooo lol i respect my black bruvas but damn show us orange guys some love too lmao
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Every single person in this video is a fucking faggot. 
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Literally not edgy at all. Just true.
multi truth
somekindofmonster7 edgy
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I'll never understand all the hate on skateboarders skating in public areas. They're only putting themselves in danger. They could be out doing drugs and shooting people, but instead they're having fun and being productive. As long as they're not destroying the property or risking the injury of pedestrians, let them skate! Have fun. Be young. Live.
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Its so rare to find people who actually stick up for you when you go around skating 
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+Konstantin Sandler cuz they're on the road. come to Bulgaria people even encourage you to do sports like skating or ride bikes on the sidewalk except do try not to hurt anybody tolerance doesnt mean do the fuck you want as some would say.
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Mikey B
hey look its Lupe Fiasco
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Obey Rostipher
T12 Productions
+Moneyminty lol hey :D, i watch random videos, i guess that day i was in a "public being harassed" mood.
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Nat Mey
Wow George Lopez sure got mad after they cancelled his show...
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I'm not  skateboarder and I see this a lot.  People say this damages things but what seeing that the skatepark is made from cement like this cement. Next, what are people's problems with this stuff? I feel the same way. I'd rather for them to do this than something positive. The government can spend lots of money on baseball stadiums and dog parks and so forth but leave out recreation centers, parks and skateparks for children. It's simple, build these and kids won't have to use this.
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Not to mention 3 and 4 year olds, some on scooters, some just running around, getting in the way, while the mothers stand and watch. If a kid gets hit, the mother gets mad and blames the skater, saying they have a Right to be there.
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