Sexism and Stereotypes in Video Games?





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Published on Jun 29, 2012

Frequent questions:
1.) "Video games aren't only for fun!"
I address this in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTEFh2...
But video games are for fun; they are created to entertain and have great gameplay to keep you glued to the monitor. Above all, they are created and meant to be fun. Of course they more than that; anyone who has been watching my channel for a while would know that I think of games as so much more than that. I talk about the way they impact our lives, how they've influenced our childhood, how they inspire us to think even after a game is over. But this video isn't about the significance of video games, it is a response to a view about the way female characters are portrayed. Treating characters as a serious statement on stereotypes in society is to completely forget what their main purpose is, which is why I put emphasis on video games being created to be fun [and make money]. Why judge something against society's standards if it wasn't even made for that in the first place?

2.) "You can't actually believe misogyny doesn't exist in video games."
I have seen several people reply that to deny misogyny exists in the character creation process is to live in some rose-colored glasses world. Do you really think concept artists sit around about think, "hmm, how offensive can I make this female character?" To claim that characters were created from sexist stereotypes is to ultimately accuse the artists/designers/programmers/developers/producers-- everyone who had some part in creating all aspects of that character, of being a misogynist. Unless you want to argue that without any direction, the character just turned into a stereotype all of its own, you are making some very strong accusations about the individuals behind the creation process.

3.) "The music is too loud."
Captions are available! Big thanks to a viewer that took his time to transcribe them for everyone. :)

4.) "Great music!"
Thank you! The list in order:

a. "Left Bank TWO," Little Big Planet (composed by Wayne Hill and performed by The Noveltones)
b. "Fairy Fountain Theme," Legend of Zelda OoT (and onwards)
c. "Goron City," Legend of Zelda OoT
d. "Song of Memories," Final Fantasy IX
e. "Orb of Dreamers," Little Big Planet
f. "To Far Away Times," Chrono Trigger
g. "Shop Theme," Legend of Zelda OoT
This is my response (and personal opinion on the matter) to Anita Sarkeesian's video on the subject of stereotypical representations of female characters in video games: http://youtu.be/l8I0Wy58adM

My opinion is that sexism and misogyny do not exist in games and that such perceived portrayals are not done to stereotype women but are simply a part of the art and style of characters in general.

This subject and her video have been under somewhat recent fire and I do not want to add any more fuel to the flame but seek to present a more positive outlook on the issue. Share your views on the topic below!


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