Journey to the Edge of the Universe





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Published on Jul 20, 2006


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There must be a God! Unbelievable!
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Jason Hobble
there is NO way we are alone!
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This is why his titles and reputations are the MOST HIGH and God Almighty!
chai mavet
I wanna puke after that closing narration.
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I think it's funny all these people upset that the narrator mentioned God. You guys act like he quoted the bible or something. What's even more hilarious is our planet is just a speck of dust in a speck of dust and we are the microscopic beings living on that speck, and here you are telling us how the universe was created? The ego of mankind never fails to amuse me. The truth is nobody knows why we're here and science can't even explain how life began. The Big Bang is just a theory and can very well be wrong. However your egos won't allow that so you start going off on how there is no God as if you understand things that are far beyond human comprehension. I know it's frustrating that we may never know the biggest unanswered questions in science, but it is more frustrating to see us cursed by our own egos. We're the smartest species on this planet and we argue like children. And that goes not only for Atheists but the religious as well.
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Ashly Mango
damn we're small.
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The Bible is the ONLY inspired, breathed word of God. The koran came over 300 years after Jesus, the Only God. allah is not arabic for god...he is the moon god, hence the crescent on alot of islamic flags etc...Allah is a demon... nations with the highest violence, starvation, desease, and poverty are all islamic nations. God, the I Am, Jesus, is the true God and creator of the worlds and universe.
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Chayim Eliazer
Space is endless, its infinite, created by an unlimited endless infinite power God, the creation - space itself (not the planets and stars and everything in it) the endless space proves the endless God And space itself (not the planets and stars and everything in it) (and not only the part that its endless) from what and where did space (place) come and evolve from ?? space (place) has no physical content to evolve from, only from God Everything has a beyond, power beyond power, the total beyond is God There are trillions of stars and planets, not one has a twin, every star and planet has a different function and contents, everything is part of the functioning universe, and the Earth is the goal of all of them If evolution, why is there no two stars or planets the same exact ?? why are the stars and planets placed in an ordinary way ???  Its not evolution, its God's creation
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stri striPlay
This is why religion is ridiculous. Not because God doesn't exist, but because if he does, it's likely he doesn't realize we do.
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I feel so worthless when I see how we're actually nothing in this universum lol
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