HOW FAST CAN I RAP? Crazy 210 BPM Attempt





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Published on Dec 7, 2012

Download: http://nonelikejoshua.com/ as Neuro Fast Rap
Fast Rap REAL VIDEO: http://youtu.be/BrH13BbCpNE
Reddit link: http://redd.it/14h329

Upload a cover and if it can match mine or better, I'll share it!
Here's my attempt at double time rapping from 170 bpm to 210 bpm. I don't think it's any faster than Watsky or Mac Lethal's but I figured I should put my stamp on the fast rap world with not just rapping but beatboxing, different accents, different tempos, and some critical subjects. Decided to rap about some things that interest me like rapping, youtube, music blogs, mainstream rap music, haters, british rappers, video games, gamers, mainstream artists, science, american conservatism, alcoholic teens, and beatboxing. For those who don't think the 210 bpm is real: the footage is completely different, I mess up some of the words so why would I make it imperfect, I mess up the beatboxing at the end anyway, I'm also just moving around to the beat of the music to get into it, but glad this is causing discussion :)

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Oh hi, I'm that guy but
I don't really care if you don't subscribe
Maybe you would want the same crap
With a lame rap
But I state facts when I rape tracks
So the blogs want to stay back
Cause they hate that
But it ain't bad
Goin way too fast
Say u mad?
when I'm rapping on another one and never even
take a breath or think about - what you want to see like

can you please, put the lyrics on the screen
What could make you think I want to teach you how to read?
Fine, then I'll sign the line and try to shine
Cause my reply is that I'm so fly but

I would never want a braggadocio
So I put a different meaning in my notes you know
Whatever floats you boat
Like smoking dope or choke and croak
I beat it in till I broke your dome

I don't think I'll ever be the kind of the person that could
Put a price upon the fame inside the mind of all who came
To find a guy who writes a play and finally decides he want to be paid.
No shame for the sake of the brain so I'm

Taking the game and making my name, you say it's insane
You can't change when it's one in the same - but
I ain't afraid to want to tame the untamed, and I'm breaking all the chains that
You had placed in my way

"Dubstep? You can't rap over this."
Don't have an accent, don't ask for it.
"you're not clever enough, you've never said a pun."
what could make you think -that I would give a fuck? I'm

not from the UK, don't know what you say
Rapping on a track about how you're gangsta
Not a wanka, -rapping about how you're still getting all this paper.

hey man, you should rap video games
well-I-guess it's a different kind of fame
You think we rappers don't know you're gamers?
How we want to make a hit without a major label?

Rapping over tracks with Nicki and Taylor?
No thanks, I would rather rap about Fable
Cause you know I could be good or evil
EDM leader who stood for the people

I don't really want to make a bigger deal about the way I'm running
Out of words and never even had a turn to make it to the bigger world
Inside of our own universe
Lookin so beautiful
Future is science
Science is future
Killing the million who feel it is useless
Livid discriminate bigoted sinnin traditionalists who speak for divinity

Keeping it realer
Cause I feel in the middle of
Typical cynical visually impaired community
Get lost in my thoughts
- Till it rots in the shots
Of another night -- gone
To the bottom of a bottle
Cause I got it from my father
Not speaking for myself
but the other bros and hoes
who are thinking that they're hot
but they're not
and they need a detox
but they don't understand
so I got to beatbox like


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