How Wrong Are Young Earth Creationists? (Re: cdk007)





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Published on Oct 10, 2011

Young Earth Creationists (YEC) believe the earth is 6000. Does radiometric dating prove otherwise?

Other links that disprove radiometric dating:


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At least the difference in philosophies is clearly illustrated here. It's true--we can't know how old the earth is. Faced with this ignorance, some folks look at the observable world and make the best inferences they can from what they can observe, record, and test. Others look in an ancient anthology and assume that it's correct because it says that it is. 
Look up the Helium isotope method for dating rocks. It throws a wrench in the evolutionary dating method. Most rocks dated with this method show young earth dates. But it is all speculation when dealing with something no one saw happen. I will take the word of the One that was there over any mans. Blessings.
Joey T
Wow great video, keep it up brother
Lyndon McPaul
It's just as well that there are still people with this kind of 'arrogance' in challenging the prevailing paradigm, otherwise widely accepted falshoods become all too easily branded as fact and pushed as dogma onto impressionable young students. On the otherhand; wouldnt it be willfully stupid (or ignorant) not to deal with the facts in this video, particularly concerning the gargantuan errors in the radiometrically dated rocks of known age?
I have been into real Forensics for many years not the delusion CSI garbage you watch. Evolution is a joke and we laugh at it all the time. And theres nothing any of you atheists can do about it. Rocks can not be dated. Anyone who believes this is a sad tool of the govt... keep standing in your line sheep.
julio Laredo
I see God's hand at work through the mechanism of evolution. If God chose to create human beings in his image and decided that the mechanism of evolution was an elegant way to accomplish that goal, who are we to say that is not the way.
Ok I'll fix my previous statement. If u took an ancient history class then what I'm about to should make sense. The first people to make a small town were the anglo Saxons they also invented the first written language sanscript and the first written laws the draconian laws. Do u follow not going to fast? Unfortunately for Christians they didn't worship a single god because they had multiple which was evident by their dipictions of one of their fertility gods. Also there was nothing found that p
At least he left the comments and rating up. :P
Forced prayer was banned. Also doesn't this video do the same fallacies they are complaining about such as arguing that you have a slanted point of view with the evidence to get the answer your looking for.
You Christians all think the bible was written by god and it was the first book but how can that be true there was obviously people/humans around before the first forms of writing was around so in order for ur ideas to be true the bible would have had to been passed by generation through stories and obviously it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the more a story is told the more pieces get changed... So in actuality this could have made it possible that god didn't create us but that we (
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