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Published on Feb 17, 2009

Boktai is a video game series developed by Konami for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld consoles. The title is an abbreviation of the series' full Japanese title Bokura no Taiyō (ボクらの太陽) or Our Sun. (The name "Boktai" has come into regular fan use in Japan, as it is a common abbreviation scheme to use the first two kana of the major terms in two-word titles.) They are recognized for using a solar sensor that is a key element of gameplay. The Boktai games are produced by Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, who also came up with the initial game design and concept.
This is the trailer that was at E3 back in '03 i believe.

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
The first game uses a major attachment onto the game's cartridge, a solar sensor. This has major effects in gameplay, and is a key element needed to progress. The amount of ultra-violet rays that the sensor detects is displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The sunlight is measured in blocks, with a maximum of eight blocks.
The main character, Django, fights with a solar-powered gun known as Gun Del Sol (Solar Gun), which uses batteries which store energy, displayed at the bottom right-hand corner. This is solar energy collected via the sensor or various methods in gameplay. This energy can be stored in solar stations which the player can withdraw and use when sunlight is not available. The solar energy in a solar station is limited to how much the player has collected. The system of storage also uses the amount of energy in a battery. Also, solar energy can be stored in the solar bank to gain interest and pay debt. The solar bank can store the same amount of energy as the solar stations.
Using stealth and Django's solar gun, the player can purify enemies known as boks, or undead. These enemies are found in various dungeons located in Istrakan, the City of Death, throughout the game.
Boktai has a built in clock, which enables the game to adjust to different times of the day. This also affects gameplay, because the environment changes with the clock, and different enemies may be active or dormant.

Connection with MegaMan Battle Network 4
In MegaMan Battle Network 4 Red Sun/Blue Moon, Django is part of a funhouse ride featuring vampires. The boss of the vampire robot, whose network contains a story following the adventures of Django fighting the evil vampire Dracky, is ShadeMan.EXE. Django and Otenko later appears in the Undernet as part of a mini-quest to acquire the "S. Sensor" item and activate the PileDriver. He hopes that the PileDriver will delete ShadeMan.EXE, who sleeps in a coffin before Django, regaining strength to revive. The Program Advance 'PileDrvr' is done by selecting the 'GunSol1', 'GunSol2' and 'GunSol3' chips at the same time on the chip selection screen. PileDrvr creates 2 large solar-generators, which each drain 400 HP from enemies between them.

There's also three sequel:
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django (続・ボクらの太陽 太陽少年ジャンゴ, Zoku Bokura no Taiyō Taiyō Shōnen Jango?), also known as Zoktai,

新・ボクらの太陽 逆襲のサバタ Shin Bokura no Taiyō Gyakushū no Sabata (Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack) also known as Shinbok, which was only released in Japan and ...

Lunar Knights , known in Japan as Bokura no Taiyō Django & Sabata (ボクらの太陽 Django&Sabata, Bokura no Taiyō Jango to Sabata?, lit. "Our Sun: Django & Sabata") and abbreviated Boktai DS, is the fourth title in the Boktai series, which is for the Nintendo DS. *CREDITS TO GAMESPOT*


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