Jemi & Nelena Love Story *Season 2* [ Episode 13 - Meet The Cast ]





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Uploaded on Sep 21, 2008

Here it is... and i'll not be posting much videos this period of time cuz of my exams. So please understand!
And btw i changed my style of writing and it touches more on each and everyone's feelings. So please comment and tell me what you all think! And thanks for subbing!

---- JOE ----

[Toothbrush?] Nick said, looking up from his notebook.

[Check!] I said confidently.

[What about toothpaste?]

[That too!]

[Erm Hippo?]

Just as I was about to react, Kevin came knocking on the door.

[Come on you guys were going to miss the flight!] He said, checking his watch.

[Alright! Well be down in 2] I shouted back, as Kevin was walking out of the room.

[Okay but the girls are already there! ]He shouted back.

Girls theyre always early. And when we turn up late they think is our fault. Theyre just early, thats all!

--- Demi ---

[Urgh!] I screamed in frustration, [Where are they?]

[Dont worry Theyll be here, I think. ]Selena assured.

--- On the set ---

Selena: Phew! Finally were here!

Joe: Yeah so erm ,Wheres this Director?

Aly: Oh Uncle Jim maybe around here somewhere.

Demi: This place looks really creepy though.

Nick: And deserted.

Kevin: Why dont we split up and meet back here in 20 minutes.

Joe: Sounds great. Lets go.


After what seemed like eternity, Demi and I finally found somebody to ask for directions.

[erm Excuse me!] Demi said politely.

The dodgy looking man whipped his head round and looked at us. He looked like someone was about to kill him or something. His brown hair sure is messy and bald.

Director: Ahh! You must be Joe Jonas! Good to see you good to see you! And where are your talented brothers?

Well, they are looking around the set.

I see And who is this? I dont remember you auditioning my movie!

Shes my girlfriend. I replied.

Then, something caught my eye. Or was it someone?

Well, you should meet the cast. Their here somewhere

Before he could continue, a girl with curly blonde hair was walking towards us.

???: My names Chelsea. Nice to meet you all * Smiles at them *

Joe: Hey.

Director: Shell be the female lead

Joe: What?

Director: Yeah so heres the script and the casting list. Well start acting tomorrow morning. Yeah so bye.

Demi: * Says awkwardly * Bye

Joe: Theres something fishy about this

Demi: I dont know Joe; lets go find the others

Chelsea: Ill go with you. I want to meet the cast.

Demi: Sure. Lets go


Selena: Nick! Did you read this scene?

Nick: Yeah and did you look through the casting list?

Selena: What? I dont have it where did you get that?

Nick: Joe passed it to me and guess what? Miley will be acting as my girlfriend

Selena: Really?

Nick: I think Im going to hurl

Selena: Come on Its not that bad * mumbles to herself I think*

Its not bad Its terrible! Horrible! Vegetable! Why is Miley in this anyway? If I had this casting list earlier, I wouldnt have come. What else could go wrong?


Kevin: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley: Thats me! Nice to meet you.

Director: Yeah yeah very good all getting along * saying really fast*

Ashley: * whispers to Kevin* Dont bother about the director hes really stressed out, thats all

Kevin: Oh

I was about to ask her more questions when I saw Aly, seething with rage, And what part are you playing?

Ashley: OhIm Melissa. Ill be Daniels lover I havent got the casting list though weird eh? Do you have it?

Aly: * Shocked * D-Daniels lover?

Daniel? Im playing Daniel! So Ill have an on-screen romance with this blonde? I dont know why but I suddenly felt my heart burning, but in an excited way. Random questions filled my mind : Are we going to lock lips? What will Aly react? Why do I feel so excited and nervous all of the sudden?

Just then, Ashleys soothing voice knocked me back to reality.

Ashley: Yup. Wonder whos playing him

I could see Alys face : Her eyes widened and her jaws dropped. Im a man. A real man. And real men dont lie. I think.

I lowered my eyes and said, Thats me.


Nick and Miley? Miley and Nick? I cant help but think about it all over again, again and again.

Nah it wont be THAT bad besides, Im playing Nicks... best girl friend?
Right now, Im so frustrated. I dont know what to do. I wish that I hadnt auditioned for this movie.

Wait what am I thinking? Im not jealous, am I? Im so NOT a jealousy junkie.

I mean whats there to be jealous? There wont be any kissing scene or anything, right?
That question kept echoing in my head. Kissing scene. Miley and Nick? Nick had gotten over her already. So whats there to worry?

Selena, are you alright? Nick asked, giving a sympathetic look.

Yeah I . Im fine. I said, forcing a smile.

My heart was as heavy as stone and I had no mood to talk at all.

"There will be no kissing, there will be no kissing" the voice kept chanting in my head. If only that was true.


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