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Published on Aug 28, 2014

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Guitar Licks You’ll Love - “Stand By Me” For Guitar

Hey there, I’m Tomas from Real Guitar School. Thanks for joining me today. Hey, that was one of the all-time cool base licks from the song Stand By Me now I’ve got some request for that and so I’m gonna show you kind a step by step, finger by finger how to play that. I’ve adopted it to the guitar of course it doesn’t like a base. I can’t play that low on the guitar but it’s a cool lick to play on the guitar. It’s in the key of G, let’s break it down.
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This is the baseline and I’m doing it in a way that works in the key of G so here’s the first line, it’s on fourth string, open and then I used my pinky. You can use your third finger. Many people find third finger a little easier but I use my pink because I don’t wanna shift my hand back and forth and I’m very accustomed using my pinky so that’s --- that’s the fourth fret, fourth string and then the third string open. By the way I’m muting with the palm of my right hand because that makes it more sounds like the big upright base that they use in the original recording. Just do that much with me, that’s open fourth string. You can mute, you knew half the mute. I like the sound. You use that mute. Muting. Try it. Open fourth. Pinky, first fret, fourth string and then open third. Use that match. Ready, go. Hit that last note twice. Again. I’m gonna add two notes to it now. Listen. Pam, pam, pam, pam, pam, pam, pam. I just went back to the fourth string, open and back to the third string. Open. Let’s do that, the whole thing. Ready, go.

Pam, pam, pam, pam, pam, pam, pam fourth string, pam, third string pam, pam. A little faster now, ready go. Fourth.

Now, let’s go on to the second phrase, listen. Let’s do that together. Third string then the pinky on the fourth string, it’s going down the notes, second fret, fourth string. I used my second finger there – that’s not absolute. You don’t have to use the exact same fingering but I find this (3:00) and my first finger next to it on the fifth string second fret. Open, pinky first string. Try it with me now. Open third string starts. Open pinky fourth string fourth fret, second finger second fret, fourth string and then over to that fifth string – that’s a typical base type line.

Now I’m going on to the third phrase and then the final phrase. The reason I put the third and the final four phrase together because the fourth phrase is exactly the same as the first one so there’s nothing new. Third phrase is new so another notes. I’m on the fourth string second fret, going down to the open, fifth string third fret. Here’s my third finger here so its… just going down in the notes – pam, pam, pam. It’s actually a C note – A, B, C going down then I jumped back over to the second fret fourth string and then open, second fret pam, open fourth string pam, fifth string third fret pam, back to the fourth string and then open pam, pam, pam, pam, pam, and then that first phrase.

Okay, let’s put it all together now. First phrase , second phrase, third phrase back to the first phrase before the fourth phrase and start over – together one more time. First phrase, second phrase, third phrase, fourth phrase so that’s it for the base lick to Stand By Me.

Listen if you want to learn how to play the chords, I did make a video with the chords and then also and you can find the link down below this video if you want my blog so that’s it for today. I appreciate you spending this time with me. If you like this video, please like it on your Facebook or YouTube. By the way, you can find some more details about the song over my blog if you’re not there and if you like videos like this, I do something every week a new lesson so please sign up for subscribe on my channel or subscribe for my mailing list on my blog and I let you know whenever a new video comes out. Take care and I hope you have lots of fun playing Stand By Me.

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