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Published on Jul 11, 2012

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Jesse Cox from OMFGCATA sings you the song of the Final Fantasy VII Lore! Have Fun!

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Written by Phil

Voiced by Jesse Cox from OMFGCATA

Edited by Schroeder

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross



On a distant planet known as Gaia, an energy-manufacturing mega-corp known as Shin-Ra is super busy harvesting the life force of the planet for the big bucks. The Lifestream and products created with it have the ability to grant the wisdom of the ancients to the user, simultaneously bridging the gap between the planet and her people while also slowly killing the planet in general. Though blissfully aware of their impact, Shin-Ra continues to ruin everyone's lives and slowly, the metropolis of Midgar is little more than an expanse of slums and factories.

Besides pillaging and destroying Gaia from the inside-out, Shinra is also heavily invested in Mako energy's military applications, namely the Jenova project. President Shinra, realizing Gaia had a finite supply of Lifestream, became obsessed with the Cetra, a race of people who lived on Gaia long before humans. Cetra legend dictates the existence of 'The Promised Land' where Lifestream was nearly limitless, meaning bigger bucks! To reach The Promised Land, Shinra would need a Cetra, which they found in the Jenova excavation. Except Jenova was an alien well-versed in genocide. Oops.

Mistakenly believing Jenova was Cetra, President Shinra proceeds to combine Jenova cells, Mako energy, and a human host to create an elite military unit known as SOLDIER. This project results in the birth of Sephiroth, who later finds out genocidal tendencies are indeed hereditary.

Now as Cloud, a mercenary and self-proclaimed ex-member of SOLDIER, a seemingly simple mission may very well result in a series of events that change the planet for good.

Have fun!

LORE - Final Fantasy VII Lore in a Minute!


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Tonight's Schedule: 1. Cross Dressing 2. Date w/Barret 3. Girlfriend Murdering 4. Snowboarding!!! 5. Save The Planet 6. Cloud X Sephiroth Fanfiction Yep that sums up a few events...  But can't forget Cloud performs CPR and saves this one girl.  He even catches, breeds, races Chocobo's.  Goes into a coma,  Rides a rocket into space, and tries to take the place of Zack... that prick!
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Sakura Stardust
Wailords lay in trees in the promised land? Count me in!
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Silver The Hedgehog
i love #6 on the board XD "Cloud x Sephiroth Fanfiction"
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Candalf the Waxy
Crisis Core anyone? 
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tsk tsk tsk he had some stuff wrong and missed alot of important facts my guess he's just doing a quick recap which is the point of the vid lol
Matthew Barker
There needs to be a Legend of Dragoon lore video.
Cedo Themad
Welcome to talking video games, todays subject simple plots....
Albert VanBennekom
Cloud killed Aerith... Have fun knowing that!
Theodore Jesson
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Genocidal tendencies are indeed hereditary. That's actually a good way to explain it.
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