Tyrian 2000 - Engage Mode - Part 32 (Surface)





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Published on Jul 11, 2010

After a well-deserved but interrupted rest, Trent is back to flying through Microsol fleets. The evil company, with its immense resources, managed to bribe enough authorities to pretend the Fleet was not theirs. Vykromod, secretly one of the leaders of Microsol, had all the blame put on him. However, Vykromod perished in the Fleet war. No one can thus confirm Vykromod was actually working for Microsol, and when Gencore explains what happened, they are not believed.

Now, a few weeks later, Microsol invaded Ixmucane and imprisoned 1.5 million of the universe's best scientists in the rocky planet. Gencore learns the plan: ignite the massive planet into a star by activating some Zica systems. The extermination of scientists would put Microsol as the undisputed masters of technology, as well as having a nearly-infinite energy source. This cannot come to pass.

Gencore leads many other corporations into war against Microsol. Assembling their Emergency Fleet, they have Trent spearhead the assault while the fleet starts evacuating the scientists.

- - - - -

We begin Episode 4, An End To Fate, with friggin' Microsol at it again.
This time, they want to turn the planet Ixmucane into a star, which they can then exploit for energy purposes. With a monopoly on the energy market, things are bad.

Oh, and 1.5 million scientists are trapped on Ixmucane. Apparently their deaths means a scientific death a la Isaac Asimov's Foundation. Don't ask how come only 1.5 scientists are responsible for all of the science in the galaxy.

Anyway, stopping Microsol won't be easy. The first level is this one, on the surface of Ixmucane. You must destroy the enemy ships and allow the relief forces to start evacuating the scientists. You'll soon notice Episode 4 has many new things, such as new units. Right now, they aren't very threatening, though.

Do watch out for the firebullet-shooting pyramids. They're quite resilient, and without my weapon level you might need to use Invulnerability to get past them or destroy them.

Also, there's a secret level. Look a the vid to see where. If you destroy the ship carrying it, chances are the Warp will be hidden by the arch. In my case it was mostly visible.

Also, every small arch has two orange gems, hidden under the part you can pass under. You can tell because two "250" appear when I pass there.

Not a hard level, but my weapons made it easier.

Difficulty : 2/10, up to 4/10 with less powerful weapons.
Number of attempts : 1


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