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Published on Sep 21, 2011

The videos that follow were created approximately 5 years ago with the intent for them to be a "test run". The plan was to eventually create a full length video incorporating all of them in addition to other information related to weight loss and weight maintenance through a combination of a healthy diet and nutrition, exercise (with a focus on weight training and resistance as seen in these videos), and rest.

Please consult your doctor prior to doing any of these exercises (or any exercise for that matter) and keep in mind that these videos are not meant as a substitute to working with a personal trainer. If done improperly, exercise can cause more harm than good.

I will be working to put these exercises in order, but as a general rule you want to work out the largest muscle groups first (i.e.: your quads or front of your thighs) working down to the smallest muscle groups (i.e.: your triceps or back of your upper arms).

With each muscle group, you should be working the muscle(s) "to failure". What this means is that you continue to do the exercise until it is physically impossible for you to continue the exercise as the muscle(s) involved literally gives way to shaking, inability to move, etc.. If you are unable to maintain proper form or complete the exercise despite how hard you are trying, this also qualifies as failure. When you have reached failure in one particular exercise, it is time to move on to the next exercise.

It is normal to feel "spent" after a good workout. You might even feel a bit sore the first few times you are working out and/or until you reach a healthier weight. It is NOT normal to be in such pain that you are unable to move, have stabbing type sensations or anything along this line. If while doing any form of exercise you start experiencing pain (not simply fatique or generalized soreness/ache), you should stop the exercise immediately and do not resume exercise until you follow up with your medical doctor.

In one of the videos, my friend asks me how to "rid" of "love handles". As I wasn't planning on answering questions or even creating these videos that day, I wasn't fully thinking through my answer. To elaborate, it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight in just one particular area of one's body. (i.e.: Spot reduction is impossible.) Just like it is impossible to empty water only from the deep end of a swimming pool, it is equally impossible to lose weight only in one area of the body. For those who are losing a lot of weight, it is normal to lose weight in a manner whereby it appears you are a normal weight in some areas of your body, yet still are heavy in others... DO NOT get discouraged by this. As long as you continue to exercise/weight train, get in proper nutrition/maintain a healthy diet and rest so that your body can repair itself, eventually everything will "even out".

The name of the game here is to lose fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Sure, anyone can lose weight by diet alone, but it's important to remember that when the body needs energy, it is more likely to go to muscle as opposed to fat as muscle offers way more than fat does in terms of energy, etc.. By weight training, you'll be "tricking" your body into going to the stored fat first. Again, you CAN lose weight just by diet and/or cardio exercise alone, but your body will literally canibalize your muscle and you'll be left with less muscle, a higher body fat percentage, a decreased metabolism and decreased basal metabolic rate (BMR - not to be confused with BMI), and worst of all, even if you make it to goal, maintaining your goal will be very difficult and your chances of regaining the weight you lost will be likely. On the other hand, if you make it to goal while maintaining muscle, you will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight and prevent weight regain.

I hope these videos are of help, and for those seeking more information, my website regarding my own weight loss can be found at www.AButterflyEmerges.com . Yes, I have had gastric bypass surgery (I also used to weigh nearly 400 lbs), but the rules are the same whether one has had surgery or not...

As a last thought, I highly recommend Spri exer-bands and balance balls. The bands come in a variety of resistances and the balls are extremely well made and providing you get the right size and fill it per the instruction manual, they are not likely to break. I've had a grey exerball by Spri for over 5 years now that I simply love. It has yet to even leak any air... As for hand weights (aka dumbells), any sporting goods store should carry them. Look for neoprene covered dumbells and try a basic bicep curl and shoulder press. If you can do more than 12 repetitions, go to a higher weight. If you can' not do 8 reps, go to a lower weight. The ideal weight should allow you to do a minimum of 8 repetitions but no more than 12 reps..

Again, I so hope these videos are of help and I wish everyone the best!!!


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