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Published on Aug 24, 2012

Bank Job Plus is funny game which entertains the user lot...

1. A Random number generator will determine a sequence of numbers.

2. The user must remember the number sequence.

3. After the number sequence has been presented with the numbers showing on the digital display, the user must open the locker with the number.

4. When lands on the correct number, a "correct" sound plays and a green visual indicator light presents on the digital display.

5. Upon stopping on the wrong number, an "incorrect" sound should plays with a red visual indicator light on the digital display.

Game Play:

1. There will be a series of at least 10 levels.

a. Start with the dial on 0 and 'turn' or drag the dial in a circle to the right (Clock Wise) and stopping on the first number. Make sure to stop precisely on the number.

b. 'Turn' the dial to the left one (Anti-Clock Wise): Stop on the second number.

c. 'Turn' the dial to the right (Clock Wise), stopping at the third number. Each subsequent number will follow this pattern of play. Go from the third number left turn (Anti-Clock Wise) to the fourth, then right turn to the fifth, etc.

2. Each level will increase the amount of numbers to memorize.

a. Level 1 = 3-number code

b. Level 2 = 4-number code

c. Level 3 = 5-number code

d. Level 4 = 6-number code

e. Level 5 = 7-number code

f. Level 6 = 8-number code

g. Level 7 = 9-number code

h. Level 8 = 10-number code

i. Level 9 = 11-number code

j. Level 10 = 12-number code

3. The user will "lose" the game after three incorrect attempts.

4. The score amount received for correct answers will increase for each level.

5. Users will start at level one, unlocking the next levels as they go; once a level is unlocked, a user can start at that level the next time they play the game, or play at any of the unlocked levels.

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