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Fate - Chapter 36





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Published on Jun 26, 2012

beautyqueenxoxo11 and 1beliber4everandever wanted me to post this really badly, so here ya go ;) Better be happy Destiny and Nora! :) Enjoy this chapter, it's about Justin and Maya ;) Also, there's no drama, but it's coming soon, be patient drama lovers! And sorry for not posting this sooner!

Chapter 36

Written by: Imabelieberxo94

Maya's POV:

I told him to chase me, and I sprinted out of that class and ran in the school hallways. The hallways were empty as usual. Why the heck am I always in school when there are no classes? I feel like a nerd. I snapped out of my thoughts, and continued running. ''Maya, get back here!'' shouted Justin. I laughed, and continued running. Oh gosh, that really was the worst imitation ever, but he made me laugh. I smiled to myself, shyly and turned around to see him catching up quickly. ''Crap'' I said out loud and he chuckled, so I'm guessing he heard me. Okay, I was getting tired. I ran to the girl's bathroom. Ha, he can't get in here. Thank goodness we were in a school, and not outside. There are no bathrooms outside. I stood inside, and he had stopped running and was right outside of the bathroom in the hallway. ''Oh come on, no fair!'' he said. I stuck my tongue out at him. ''Too bad'' I said. He grinned. ''Why? Gonna hurt your reputation if you come in here? Your oh so popular reputation'' I said grinning. ''You didn't just say that'' he said fake gasping. I laughed. ''But, I did'' I say. Ha, I was enjoying this. I was trying so hard not to laugh. ''That's it!'' he said and he came barging in the girls bathroom. ''Holy shit'' I said. Surprised, I ran into one of the stalls and locked the door. ''Damn Bieber you scared me! Could have gave me a warning ya know!' I said. I heard silence. What the heck is going on? Why is it quiet all of a sudden. ''Justin? This isn't funny'' I said. I heard him open the stall door next to mine. I looked up, and he was going to climb over to get to this stall that I was in. I smirked. Stupid. I waited for him to be halfway there.. 3...... 2.........1. I unlocked my stall door and ran. ''Damnit!' said Justin. I laughed. ''That wasn't going to work!'' I yell back and go run a bit more to near an exit and stop. I lean against the lockers to catch my breath. Too much running. I looked at the video of the imitation again and giggled. He's such an idiot. Oh if only Emily could see this. I'd be laughing at her reaction for sure. Danika would laugh too! My smile faded. I had forgotten we weren't friends anymore. I sigh and put my phone in my pocket, when I felt someone grab my arm. I gasped, as Justin was right in front of me, gasping for air. I was leaned against the locker, and he was blocking any way of escaping. I stared at his brown eyes. ''Got you'' he said staring right back at my eyes. I smiled, slightly nervous about how close he was to me. ''Finally'' I said grinning. ''Hand it over'' he said softly. I looked at his soft lips, and he saw that I was looking at them. His hand was around my waist. I was waiting for him to put his hand on the wall. Ugh. ''I....'' I started. He leaned in, and I started leaning too. I was so close to kissing him. Very close. At the very last second, I pushed him, and his eyes widened surprised. He was caught offguard. I started laughing. '''Tease!'' he said. I laughed. ''I was not going to hand it over, no matter what the cost'' I said. He looked at me serious, but failed, and smiled. I smiled, too. ''I am getting you back for this!' he said and started walking close to me. What is he thinking of....doing? Why is he coming closer? I started walking backwards, near the exit door. ''Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?'' I asked grinning. He smirked. ''You like to tease, don't you?' he said. I just looked at him, not answering. He took a step forward. He's such a strange guy. What on earth is he thinking of possibly doing as revenge? ''Then, I'll show you a real tease'' he says. My eyes widened.
Hope you liked it!(: Comment for more!


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