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Uploaded on Sep 5, 2008

WARNING: The 'All Balls' cheat can override and delete your important key items like your bike, fishing rods, etc. Save before using the cheat, and for a better masterball cheat refer to my other video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q5zXO...
= = = FAQ = = =
1. The codes aren't working, what am I doing wrong?
Make sure you have the right VBA version. It has to be 1.8.0-beta 3. You can see how to download it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pk4fL...

2. The 'All Pokeballs' cheat filled up my key items and deleted my important key items (eg. bike, fishing rod, etc). What do I do?
Unfortunately, if this happens, there's no way you can get back your key items. That's why it is important to save your game before using this cheat, and only use this cheat for fun and not for actual gameplay. In my other video theres a cheat for free masterballs sold at the pokemart which is an ideal way to gain masterballs. This video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q5zXO...

3. The rare candy cheat isnt working, how can I get it to work?
This cheat is a bit complicated, you have to write it in a couple of times and walk in and out of a couple of buildings to make it work. A better idea is to watch my other video to see how to get level 100 wild pokemon, and then catch them with a masterball, so you wont have to waste time using rare candies on all your pokemon. The other video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q5zXO...

4. How can I contact you for more info?
You can inbox me on my youtube account, but I can't gurantee that I have the answers :o

Here are the codes from the video. Make sure you do them exactly how I do them :)

Walk Through Walls
7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904

Have all Poke balls
085938bb 99ff313d
2dafd739 5d796510

Infinite Rare Candies in PC

[M] code (Must Be On)
00006FA7 000A
1006AF88 0007

Rare Pokemon
83007CF6 00F3 - Raikou
83007CF6 00F4 - Entei
83007CF6 00F5 - Suicune
D027D341 E184CF59 - Mewtwo
D701BCFD B7D4FD1C - Jirachi
83007CF6 0090 - Articuno
83007CF6 0091 - Zapdos
83007CF6 0092 - Moltres
83007CF6 0071 Chansey
83007CF6 0073 Kangashan
83007CF6 0074 Horsea
83007CF6 0075 Seadra
83007CF6 0076 Goldeen
83007CF6 0077 Seaking
83007CF6 0083 Lapras
83007CF6 0194 Kyrouge
83007CF6 0195 Groundon
83007CF6 0196 Raquazza
83007CF6 0197 Latias
83007CF6 0198 Latios
83007CF6 0199 Jirachi
83007CF6 0086 - Vaporeon
83007CF6 0087 - Jolteon
83007CF6 0088 - Flareon
83007CF6 0089 - Porygon
83007CF6 0094 - Dragonair
83007CF6 0095 - Dragonite
83007CF6 0098 - Chikorita
83007CF6 00FA - Ho-oh
83007CF6 00FB - Celebi
83007CF6 019A - Deoxys

Other Pokemon (Thank you user DaCons95 for the codes!!)
83007CF6 0001 - Bulbasaur
83007CF6 0002 - Ivysaur
83007CF6 0003 - Venusaur
83007CF6 0004 - Charmander
83007CF6 0005 - Charmeleon
83007CF6 0006 - Charizard
83007CF6 0007 - Squirtle
83007CF6 0008 - Wartortle
83007CF6 0009 - Blastoise
83007CF6 000A - Caterpie
83007CF6 000B - Metapod
83007CF6 000C - Butterfree
83007CF6 000D - Weedle
83007CF6 000E - Kakuna
83007CF6 000F - Beedrill
83007CF6 0010 - Pidgey
83007CF6 0011 - Pidgeotto
83007CF6 0012 - Pidgeot
83007CF6 0013 - Rattata
83007CF6 0014 - Raticate
83007CF6 0015 - Spearow
83007CF6 0016 - Fearow
83007CF6 0017 - Ekans
83007CF6 0018 - Arbok
83007CF6 0019 - Pikachu
83007CF6 001A - Raichu
83007CF6 001B - Sandshrew
83007CF6 001C - Sandslash
83007CF6 001D - Nidoran (Female)
83007CF6 001E - Nidorina
83007CF6 001F - Nidoqueen
83007CF6 0020 - Nidoran (Male)
83007CF6 0021 - Nidorino

There are more codes in my other video (VBA Gameshark codes Pokemon Emerald)


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