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Published on Mar 22, 2012

Dear American Citizen: Most would agree the reach of the Federal Government is simply too big, and has lacked true accountability by the press - Yet now the mainstream media (seemingly) is beginning to show signs of investigative journalism. And they should! Admittedly, the IRS has been targeting "Pro-America, Patriot, less Government, more God" non-profit groups. Using Paul Harvey's words and images from our current culture, this video has a message that clearly speaks into the souls of American citizens.

America is not lazy. America is not apathetic. America is not complacent. Yes, some American's are lazy, complacent and apathetic. Some choose laziness and complacency over hard work and creativity. Some stumble through this life completely dependent upon the government, faith based organizations, and the kindness of neighbors...and as American's we support them, not because we have to - but because we want to. We want to help our fellow countryman. But their comes a point where a line must be drawn. There comes a time when we say, "We will go this far, but no further." We cannot carry you forever. You must "want it" yourself. You must begin to walk...and run - on your own. And in time, you will see, that you must begin to help others as well.

And the hard workers? Yes, we dream. We work. We keep the country rolling. We give financially to our churches. We help our neighbors. We pay our taxes. Not out of any sense of shame or compulsion but because we WANT to...

Between the two Paul Harvey Videos I have made they have been viewed over 2,000,000 times. Not bad for a video I put together for our student ministry...but future America needs your help today in spreading the message of this video.

Please share, post, embed, re-post, email and get this message into the hands of Americans. This is not about an election. This is about fighting for the Heart of America...Freedom. You would be surprised who may watch this video and begin to reject complacency and dependency upon the government...together we can slowly rise to rebuild America.

Thank you for taking the time to read this comment, to share and watch this video, and to reclaim America.

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Kat F.
Paul Harvey is spot-on when it comes to everything happening in the world today.How  could he have known everything that was going to happen in such detail?? I think it's about time "We the People" wake up and do whatever we can to make the world a better place and help one another in every way we can!! I pray and ask God to help, heal, and bless America and Americans in every way possible, and give us strength and guidance to be able to realize the plans and purposes he has blessed us with, and through them, do all we can to right the wrongs and start loving eachother and doing what we can to make God's creations the best they can be and to love eachother and stand up for one another always. LET'S LOVE EACH OTHER, AND THE EARTH WE HAVE ALL BEEN BLESSED WITH.
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liberals have been very successful in this endeavor.
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Mitch Souders
The Facts: All extremely perceptive observations...just not prophetic. Paul Harvey did indeed write an essay entitled “If I were the devil” back in 1964 and while that original has the same theme as the audio version now circulating on the net, its quite a different piece. You see Mr. Harvey continually updated "If I Were The Devil" over the years and re-published and re-broadcast it with current observations and comments. Paul Harvey died in 2009 and, judging from some of the observations in the audio, probably recorded the new version not long before he died. So, while it still a powerful and thought provoking essay, its just not the prophecy the piece is presented as– and that is the problem. Paul Harvey never pretended to be a prophet. His “If I were the devil..” commentaries over the years were always presented in the present tense – not the future. Mr. Harvey was obviously talking about current events since, at end of the piece, he said, “In other words, if I were the devil I’d just keep on doing what he’s doing".  Most of the topics in this latest version were not even recognized concerns in 1965 and as Paul Harvey himself used to say, “...and now you know the rest of the story”. Question everything.
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Could not be more right.
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Theresa Lemon
Paul Harvey was an amazing man
ali renfro
He gave us FREE WILL. Guard it.
McKinley Mitchell
This is right out of the jooz play book
Dick Buelow
He was on target
Jared Tanner
This is the 1996 version of Paul Harvey's essay. He recorded this in 1996 and updated his original 1960s essay to reflect many of the changes seen in society. His message is correct but this is from 1996 and not 1965.
Funny thing about the Devil---we made it up so we have someone to blame...
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