Fiasco of the Quasi-Armored Humvee Trucks, LIE #5 of many





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Uploaded on Apr 2, 2007


Rather than admit that the non-linear battlefield means EVERYONE needs to be at least in M113 Gavin light armored tracks that can avoid roads and are adequately armored, military narcissists thought they could get by with slapping some armor onto flimsy Humvee frameworks. After hundreds of dead and maimed they pretend that this is somehow a surprise when its clear that they are only interested in half-assed superficial changes hoping Iraq will blow over and they can go back to business-as-usual of having a Jessica Lynch underclass in unarmored, unarmed trucks while the "lightfighters" only need to attach a weapon and some armor to their Humvee/Stryker/MRAP trucks so they remain the center of attention.

Here's the progression of Army/marine lies:

LIE #1. "This is a SASO, we don't need to be in armored tracks going cross-country, which are for nation-state war, we can just goof off at the FOB and presence patrol once in awhile along comfy roads seen by the locals who LOVE us while collecting 'combat' pay and egopatches"

WRONG: enemy doesn't give a shit about American doctrinal "SASO" stupidity and labeling, he sees morons in wheeled trucks easily destroyed and proceeds to destroy them. Security should be FELT not seen; Americans keep a low-key presence to not inflame the locals that we are occupying their homeland and control roads and borders with walls, fencing and outposts manned by local troops and lie in ambush positions obtained through discreet cross-country and air maneuver to take-out those who rebel.

LIE #2. "Ouch! this is something 'new' blowing up our SASO trucks, let's call them 'I.E.D.'s to cover our incompetent asses" = Idiots who ignore combat Engineering and get themselves Destroyed

WRONG, they are old threat they are LAND MINES and entire branches of Army/marine know how to defeat them but are not allowed to be in charge or rise to top leadership in "shooter" narcissist Army/marines

LIE #3. "We will out-speed the bomb blasts travelling at 3, 000+ feet-per-second with our 60 mph sexy, lazyman's trucks"

WRONG, high explosive blast effects are faster than even the excuse-making capability of a U.S. military status quo BS artist

LIE #4. "We will slap some armor onto our wheeled trucks and we will be fine"

WRONG; bomb blasts easily rip through "Hillbilly Armor" slapped hodge-podge onto wheeled trucks

LIE #5: "Let's buy store bought 'up-armored Humvees' that's our salvation, we can avoid having to admit we were wrong and use armored tracks, preserving the status quo and just have to get through Iraq which we can blame solely on the politicians and go back to our wheeled truck garrison games!

WRONG; the Humvee is just a framework with too many weak points regardless of what kind of armor panel quilt thrown on, its flat-bottomed and frame/drivetrain can't handle the weight

LIE #6: "Damn, UPHs don't work (Gomer Pyle USMC: "Surprise! Surprise!") hey! Remember those v-hull trucks we used to read about in Soldier of Fortune magazine? They can deflect land mines! Let's call them 'Mine Resistant' whatevers and we'll buy enough 'MRAPs' to get through Iraq and when its all over, we will scrap them and go back to driving around in unarmored trucks and making fun of the Jessica Lynch underclass!"

WRONG; v-hull shaping is a good idea you should have already been doing if you were PROFESSIONALS and studying the modern battlefield instead of looking at yourself daily in the mirror after sports PT. MRAP v-hull shaping won't stop a shaped charge molten metal jet and troops have already died in the latest half-assed day-late-and-dollar-short attempt to save face and not adapt.

Winston Churchill said: "Americans always do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities"

Let's hope it doesn't take several thousand more dead and wounded before the Americans do the right tracked armored "thing".



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