Racist French tried to Stone & Kill Indians In Quebec Canada





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Published on Aug 1, 2008

A story of THE Whisky Trench extremists Francophones uprising and how racist Quebecers forced Indians from their home and tried to stone to death Aborginals in Canada while the police stoiod and just watch. Disqusting.

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Anny Savard
You can't solve a problem that has been existing for hundreds of year just by watching this. It is sad that the Natives have been litterally screwed by the Whites when they came to America. That's how I perceive it, and it's more than sad, it is pure injustice. But I now date a guy from Europe (I am not Native, by the way) and he tries to impose his views, everything is better in Europe according to him. But we try to find common ground because we care for each others. The Natives had a heart. They helped, they gave, they supported and they got used in return because the Whites thought they were right and better than them and they didn't care about the Natives. They just wanted to exploit them and their lands.
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Zombie Stomper
As an Algonquin first nations native, I can positively say, we should have scalped Jacques Cartier the moment he got off the boat!
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Gary Smith
french quebec is the most racist people in Canada. We should give the equalization payments to the aboriginals in quebec instead. Lets see how the french like being 2nd class citizens.
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Kishan Sri
They stole their land and they want to kill them (now tell me who is really civilized)
Quebec doesn't stone people. Indians were blocking roads for days.
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remember ...the french were trading with you they learned from you , mixed themself with you ( metis ) but the british came and conquer the lands with violence . they burned villages , hang people , tried to assimilated them , making them lose their native languages and put us all in reserves . you have to know your history . im a metis so ive been looking at all the sides of history . lets not forget Louis Riel too . so sad that it ended up like that .
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Andrew Banderas
I cant believe that FIRST NATION people in CANADA fought and DIED to LIBERATE this ASSHOLES people in FRANCE.
Natives are a lot more racist than anyone ... Inbreed,low lives,drunks,lazy,drug addicts ... These waste of spaces never did anything good !! It's a good thing that these drunks dont rule this country !!
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Yo momma Jones
The reason why Quebec is so racist is because thats where the Catholics went to after they got caught diddling, murdering, torturing and mind controlling kids in residential schools in Ontario, when they closed down in 1969. I was there I lived right in the midst of it and observed it. All of a sudden all the nuns were gone and their buildings closed down and they were gone. That was their retreat on the war on indians. The 500 year war and the illuminat was there all through the whole thing, hiding behind other men like the ghouls they are and have been since they were formed in the 1500s until today when something like this happens. Now everybody there is so prejudice because thats the catholic defense against claims of abuse at the hands of nuns and priests. I can just see their black hearts spewing out their hatred and revenge over their loss of ground, in the annihilation of the Indian, on Quebec, in their schools, and churches. Its funny you see only catholic nuns and priests in the residential schools but like good inquisitors they used all the other so called "heretic" religions to cosign the schools so it would go down in history that the protestants did it all. I see their tricky ways. I know how they operate. Its a proven fact that they're known for using other people, organizations, lawyers, or dupes or mind controlled slave priests/spies, corporations, armys, governments, Despots, Dictators, Zionists, Muslims, Quebecers apparently, to do their dirty work. Shit they used a whole dam country's army to bomb Nagasaki cause they own America since it went bankrupt. Nagasaki kicked them out in the 1600s for meddling in the affairs of state and its the best thing anyone could do only they have to get revenge. They are known to love their revenge and have to have it..Nagasaki  surrendered but they got bombed anyway. Understand? Their not just like that to indians their like that to everybody they hurt whether it be here or Ireland or Nagasaki or wherever they try to infiltrate and conquer. The Catholic church just aint what it used to be since the illuminati joined it in the 1700s. It wasnt that good before that either. The proof is in the puddin. We aint stupid. No we isnt. That man you call the "pope" these day is the "Godfather" and you know what hes the head of. This is why they were totally in the wrong and besides the fact that its against all human rights laws and because thats why they live a way over their on a small pce of land because NO one wanted their bad attitudes on the continent. The french were the first ones to start scalping people on this continent.
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