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Published on Apr 5, 2012

Hey HaNegev! Check out this Passover Rap from Rel/Ed RGB members Elyssa Ronik and Talya Winton! Chag Pesach Sameach :)


We're gonna rap to one song and one song only...

So I search so hard, Afikomen gotta find and see
First the shulchan orech I gotta eat
What's exodus to a Jew like me can you please remind me
We left so hard this story cray, can't believe me made it out to this day
Manishtana Halaila Hazeh, this night's dif for many reasons, k?
Nosh so hard, this tastes weird, chametz ain't supposed to be here
Nosh so hard since we here, can't wait until the end's near
So let's go, observe the plagues in this remix
Dam, Tzvardeah, Kinim, Arov, plus 6
Nosh so hard, where you be? Um, duh, hineini
Moses said to the Burning Bush, which was G-d, how funny
Nosh so hard freed were the Jews, who were supposed to be slavin' boo hoo
If we escaped what they escaped, we'd be in the desert eating matzah too
Nosh so hard Let's get constipated, can't eat bread for like 8 days
Matzah brie, all the time, not getting sick of that today
Nosh so hard, the Jews were brave, just about left Pharoah's reign
Moses, Aaron, moved us back to our land

Moses led so hard, all the Jews went and followed he
Pesach's cray, pesach's cray, pesach's cray
Moses led so hard, all the Jews went and followed he
Pesach's cray, pesach's cray, pesach's cray

Moses said, "Hey Pharoah let my people let my peeps go"
Pharoah said, "Hey idk if that'll flow.
Come and meet me on the 15th of Nisan
And you'll learn why from Egypt we're all gone
Chametz is cray, ain't it Tay?
What'd your mom make, gefilte fay?
This herb so bitter, have some salt water
Act like you know what they went through, it was harder
Jewish girl, wash your hands, that's urchatz, don't forget
Excuse my Hebrew but dayenu, I'm just sayin'
The Pharoah ain't do it right if you ask me
Cause I was him, I woulda set all of the Jews free
What's charoset my sista? What's this cup, Elijah?
What's karpas, my freedom? What's that matzah, Yehuda?
Rabbi said we're the winners, cause we found afikomen
Got it all on my plate, and it's served with charoset, uh

You don't even know what that is!
No one knows what it is, but it's kosher
No it's not, it's gross It's KFP!

Moses led so hard, all the Jews went and followed he
Pesach's cray, pesach's cray, pesach's cray
Moses led so hard, all the Jews went and followed he
Pesach's cray, pesach's cray, pesach's cray

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