Intermittent Fasting: Does IF Work For Weight Loss or Building Muscle?





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Published on Jun 29, 2012

Read John Berardi's Report on Intermittent Fasting (I highly respect this guy):

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Your face looks like a girl
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James Mallon
Sorry man, nice video but you missed out on all the science behind IF. It is NOT simply about having a reduced overall calorific intake.. IF is about manipulating HGH and insulin...  working out, building lactate in a fasted state just before u break your fast raises your GH production dramatically.. up to 2000% in extreme cases. This allows extreme anabolism in your post work out eating window, i won't go into too much detail, the peer reviewed journals are available for all to see, so don't take my word for it. There are ENDLESS health benefits linked to IF... but you must drink lots and lots of water during the fasting state. YES it is for pretty much everyone, you can go straight into it.. why the hell would you warn against new people not trying it? makes no sense.. anyway, you seem like a cool guy, but you are not clued up enough to make a video on IF, no offence! :)
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callofduty gym
dude stop trying to act funny your not funny 
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I recently fasted for 60H and and i've been working out  4 months and doing IF. I've gained lots of muscle, lost fat, got strong and even quit smoking without magical pills or stickers.... I went from 110 kg to 82kg just in 4 months.
JG Morgan
Who is this woman?! Lol
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Omar X
I fast daily 16-18 hours and I disagree with you ,, I wouldn't start 24 hours intermittent fasting to find out whether it's something that suits me!! Cuz 24 hours is really hard core and fasting is something one has to learn and help own body to adjust to ,, starting 12 hours and adding an hour everyday ; everyone will be able to achiev the min16 hours in few dayz
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Kal Heisenberg
IF makes me stay quite lean (15% bodyfat) while not really caring about junk food (pizza,ice cream,chips, McDonalds,you name it), though I eat enough protein to maintain my muscle. It really works guys, I used to have 25% bodyfat while eating quite the same. srs
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Waran Kaurr
This guy looks like a girl lol
I've been on IF for 8 months. I have lost weight, and had good gains while training fasted.  I also started working out 8 months ago, so factor the beginner's gains into that too. IF is also perfect if you're skinny fat, as all I need to do is get rid of the lower back fat, which is the last bit of fat to burn off normally.
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Stoker Brothers Fitness
You aren't reducing your overall caloric intake...You're still getting the same amount of calories each day, just in a smaller window
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