Metaknight Da Bess You Ever Had





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Published on May 6, 2010

Parody of Drake's "Best I Ever Had"

NEO/Abreact/Isic Strans

a lot of people be, thinkin i'm a bad player
this is not to get confused, i main metaknight now

metaknight is everything, he's all you ever wanted
you could win a set now, even if you've never won it
clashes he always wins, trade they ain't never gonna
you want him forever any counter pick he's better on it

aerial is down, press it while I'm jumpin' up
then hit the b button like i don't give a fuck
i know you wait for it, but your out of luck
i can do the same thing every single time

i say metaknights da bess, metaknights da bess
metaknights da bess, metaknights da bess
now donkey kong is mad, ddd is mad
mario is mad, ice climbers are mad

(chorus 2)
now lucario is mad, diddy kong is mad, falco he be mad, everybody's mad

(chorus 3)
now sonic mains are mad, wario is mad, fiction he be mad, everybody's mad

(chorus 4)
game and watch is mad, fox mains they be mad, but tkd ain't mad, but everyone is mad

know you got no options, mk isn't really fair, try to air dodge
to the ground tornado will be over there
it be over there, nado will be over there
i ain't tryna hit i'm just swingin' at the open air

and youon even have to ask twice,
minute on the clock and i'll beplankin on ya last life
it's obvious without him as a player id be trash right
but sbr decided that they've voted for the last time

stocks tied, no percents, hopin' i'll approach i won't
up a up a up a nado, baby mk's gonna take it home
teammates bout to die i'm metaknight, i can save us both
all my shit is frame safe you can't penetrate my zoneeeee

cause i'm so patient and i wait for you
jason might have started it but you can emulate it too
my design is so stupid
my shitty jab isn't even useless


live until 160 i can do that tank shit
i'ma down a three more times even if the first missed
used to lose while mainin peach but i'm a main switcher
if you want a good doubles partner teach 'em to your sister

rob good players of their winnings, money ain't an issue
extended my dimension cape there's nothin i can't live through
claimin' that i cheated so you start to call officials
but he ain't see me doin' it so he can't blow no whistle

yeah i know i did your team wrong
m2k vs gnes yeah we seen dawg
counter pick stage, rainbow cruise i lean on
bannin' brinstar? i don't care i still got 3 dawg
same move in this exact spot
still seein' success and i'm not smarter than a sasquatch
goin' toe to toe i got you thinkin' that the match hot
DI'd down at 50 and i gimped you on your last stock i'm sayin'..


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