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Published on Sep 27, 2010

A message from Anonymous to the leaders of the cult Scientology.

For those hard of hearing, a transcript;

Attention, leaders of Scientology -- and we say leaders, because our fight is with you, not those whom you have persuaded to part with money in the name of enlightenment. As you might have guessed from the Steven Hawking impersonation, we are anonymous, here to tell you why we fight you, and why we will win. You may attempt to deny everything we claim, but the accounts of those who know of your Disconnection policy, your repeated haranguing of those who disagree with you, your Fair Game policies, your bullbaiting, the deaths that lie squarely at your hands, all of these things, are undeniable, insuppressible. And it isn't like you haven't tried. You provoked the first anonymous by trying to censor the internet. You provoked the rest with your actions. And we will defeat you, however long it takes, because you have made a critical error in your handling of the situation with us. Shall we tell you what it was? It's really quite obvious. We'll give you a minute to think about it.

You treated us, and still treat us, as if we are a group -- a terrorist group, a hacker group, whatever kind of group. We are not a hacker group. We never were a terrorist group. We are no kind of group. We lack four fundamental elements that make up a group; a hierarchy, a leader, a set number of members, and a list of those members. We are Anonymous. We are not rigid. We are an idea. A teenager in his bedroom, an old man, Tory Magoo, Wise Beard Man, all of these people have taken the ideals of anonymous and the aspects of anonymous upon themselves, and yet none are the total. None hold the hope. All hold the hope. We are legion -- we are beyond legion. We are ideas. And ideas are bulletproof. We are not a group. We are Anonymous. You can find one of us, but you will never find all of us, for even if you did, the idea would remain and the next generation would rise. And we are not afraid of you finding us. What can you do? Sue us? We have lawyers. Dig up our past crimes? We have none. Lie about us? We know the truth, and that is enough. Injure us? We will heal. Kill us? We would have died anyway, and we die knowing that others remain to fight for freedom. Freedom from the suppression that you, and only you, are purveying. The woman who punches an anon in the face. The man who stalks us. The woman who accuses us of covering up crimes. We are beyond you. Above you. We will endure. You will fail. Epically. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Resistance is futile. Expect us.

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Audio is messed up. It keeps getting louder and softer.
@AnarchyAnon2010 Dont forget Chuck Norris!
@EricDouglaceSucks Anonymous cannot die. It's like a bad penny, the T-virus, Albert Wesker and Superman all in one - invincible.
~tears~ Fight the good fight Anonymous!
@HoustonMarcab Well, since there's still protests planned for next week in Manchester alone, and yet more elsewhere no doubt - yeah. We're still going. We might be winning but that doesn't mean we won.
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