Underneath This Smile ~ Chapter 16 ~ S3





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Published on May 25, 2009

I stood there in shock as my eyes widened at who I saw all I could think was what the crap was he doing here!
"Hello" he said tucking his hands in his suit pants.
"ummm hi" I said still not opening the door all the way
"Umm I'm here to talk with Mr. Norcom" he said and I looked at him confused
"Dave" he said and I still looked at him confused
"WE had a meeting today I know I'm a little late but hey better late than never" he said and I felt the door open all the way from behind me I glanced over my shoulder to see Dave
"Yeah?" he said fixing his shirt
"Ah you must be Dave I'm Kay's principal" he said and him and Dave shook hands and Dave glanced down at me confused and back at the principal after I had shrugged showing I had no idea what was going on.
"We said we would meet here when we talked on the phone last week" he said and I wanted to run, run far far away, he was going to reveal everything that Dave didn't know I could feel it and it scared me. Dave had forgotten about the phone call will more like hadn't remembered it at all.
Dave looked at him confused and Jeremy spoke up
"You guys talked that friday KAy went to the diner with everyone" he said and Dave turned around looking at Jeremy and than to me and back at the principal like a light bulb went off
"Oh yeah I totally forgot sorry" he said stepping aside and letting him in I just stood there watching them walk towards the living room
I looked at Jeremy wide eyed every inch of my body was saying run for your life and don't look back for anything but yet I was frozen standing there as they sat down.

I walked into Nick's living room with Tyler. I had explained everything that Katy had said to Kay and to me over lunch and Nick said he was going to tell Joe as soon as he got home.
Kevin had let us in and I just needed to give Nick back his movie he let me borrow last weekend.
Nick turned off the vacum he was running and looked up at me smiling.
"Hey Al-" he stopped saying my name and looked at Tyler. I looked over at Tyler to see what Nick was looking at Tyler looked the same as always I looked back at Nick and he was vacuming again well kind of
"Uh Nick everything okay?" I asked and he just stood there still moving the vacum back and forth across the carpet
"Everythings great" he said and I laughed
"Well for one thing your vacums not on" I said pointing to the vacum, he looked down at the vacum and kept moving it as he looked up at me
"Im rehearsing..vacuming" he said and I laughed handing him the movie
"Have you talked to Joe?" I asked quickly remembering the events at school.
"No he hasn't come home yet and I didn't see him at all at school and on top of that his phone is off" Nick said as he stopped moving the vacume.
"this having anything to do with that video?" Tyler asked I turned quickly I had almost forgot that he was with me,
"anyway we better go" I said
"Where you going?" Nick asked

I wanted Tyler out of my house and away from Alex.
Thats all but I tried to fake I was okay with everything whether I failed or not I had no clue.
"anyway we better go" Alex said and I walked towards them
"Where you going?" I asked curiously, he better not be taking her to some party again.
I was staring Tyler right in the eye as Alex started talking
"Oh just to a movie or something" she said and I kept staring at Tyler
"Am I going to have to pick her up from some party again?" I said and Tyler's eyes pratically flashed with anger at me and I knew I had hit a nerve... but that was my point all along.
"No" he said and I turned from him to Alex
"Nick..." she said giving me this look that said
stop so I did
"we have to go" Alex said pratically pushing Tyler towards the door.
I walked them to the door and said bye to Alex and shut stood in the doorway watching them walk towards Tyler's car, he didn't even open the door for her, he was to busy swinging his keys around his finger and getting in on his side. Alex waved as they backed out of my drive way, and I kind of waved back.
"rehearsing vacuming? Nick..You might wanna relax just a bit" I heard Kevin say and turned around
"Around Tyler I don't think Alex wants you two to have smack down" Kevin said and I rolled my eyes shutting the door.

I stood there as the principal and Dave talked and Dave pretended to know exactly what he was talking about, even though I knew he didn't remember that conversation at all, the principal went over every little detail he knew from homecoming to my detention to the video currently going around the school, how did he even know about that?

Thnx 4 readin! pls cmnt :D lol 10 cmnts I pst chp 17 2d it be in video response when it up if utube lets me it not bein nice bout video responses lately :( so it might be up even if it not there. oh AND dangerous4christ made that video for the series trailer contest that the only entry so far lol ne way so I luvd it so much I thought I'd use it. lol you can enter till the 30th


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