Iron Grip: Warlord - Gameplay - Spiral Medium by similitudinous Part 1 (of 2)





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Published on May 20, 2010

Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYU1OH...

Medium is the first difficulty where tanks and walkers become a real problem for the rebels. While I like anti-tank turrets, I find that they die too quickly to the vehicles they are supposed to defend against, and I prefer to just take down vehicles with the hand-held anti-vehicle weapon.

The idea is to take down the vehicles as early as possible and most maps give you a way to do this. Even though this is single-player, showcased here is the role of "anti-vehicle" that you would need in a multi-player setting; solid placement of key turrets is shown as well.

I start the match making my way to the alley that connects the the bridge that the main enemy force travels under. Where the alley "T's" with the other street, I put an MG turret; This turret covers this side of the stronghold, as well as covering the main area that I use to take down vehicles with my hand-held anti-vehicle weapon.

Next I place a resupply station just a little ways down the alley. Ducking out on the bridge, you will take lots of infantry fire and need spot heals constantly. The walkers have a massive mortar shell that fires the moment they spot you. This mortar will be hitting the bridge right where you duck out, so you can't place the supply station too close to the bridge itself. The supply stations also helps keep you full on ammo.

Be sure to upgrade your turrets early as a level 1 turret will never last long, and a level 2 turret won't last much longer. A level 3 turret does very well for itself, and I usually only upgrade to level 4 when I have oodles of money.

After the alley/bridge setup, you need to find some gold/valuables quickly; you still need that hand-held anti-vehicle weapon and depending on how much you already built, you probably do not have enough money. Check the closest places you know treasure spawns first; check farther out if needed.

The backside of the stronghold also needs an MG turret, which I then place. In single player you have got to get this second one up fast; you see how as I'm placing it, rocket troops are popping out of houses on the backside already. In multi-player, usually someone else will have this taken care of for you; hopefully they are actually upgrading them and not just spamming level 1 MG turrets.

With good timing and a little luck, you can safely upgrade your turrets without covering them. For me, that usually isn't the case, so I stay nearby to make sure stuff gets built all the way. It's frustrating to lose a turret that is upgrading because then you lose all the money that was invested in it.

Once the MG turrets are more or less self sufficient, max out your damage so that you can drop tanks/walkers quickly. After that I usually grab a mix of extra health, health regen, and faster move speed. At some point I try to grab the faster respawn time; after everything else it doesn't hurt to have a little death insurance.

Use the mini-map to track when you have a vehicle on the map, and their relative position to the bridge kill spot; don't let them get to far past the bridge. When there are no vehicles, hunt officers and kill them. If you have enough players, there should always be someone hunting the officer.


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