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Published on Nov 30, 2012

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In this episode we're covering the MP7.

This fully-automatic SMG built quite a reputation in its MW3 incarnation, where its low recoil and high rate of fire made for a potent combination.

It returns as the first SMG unlock in Black Ops 2 - and while it remains a formidable close-range option, this MP7 lies firmly within its intended niche.

The MP7, or 'Maschinenpistole 7' is a German weapon, first introduced in 2001 by Heckler und Koch.

Technically a Personal Defence Weapon, or PDW, rather than a traditional SMG - the MP7 fires a smaller, higher velocity cartridge - the 4.6 by 30 millimetre round.

This round relies on speed rather than mass for its kinetic energy, and as such offers enhanced performance against body armour and lower recoil than standard pistol calibres.

All this in a compact package, with ample magazine capacity - the MP7 is an ideal weapon for modern close-quarters battle.

In-game, the MP7 is a low damage weapon: it requires 3 to 4 shots at close range to kill, and up to 6 outside of the weapon's relatively short range.

This means the MP7 is very much specialised for close-quarters combat: keeping the enemy within your 4-hit kill zone should be your priority.

In addition, like the rest of the SMGs, the MP7's ability to penetrate cover is poor: for the most part, you will want to land shots directly upon your opponent.

The MP7 makes up for these shortcomings with its rate of fire: at approximately 940 rounds per minute, you will outperform most other weapons in this regard.

The rapid fire attachment will boost this rate of fire to the incredibly high 1250 rounds per minute - but be warned, this will halve the weapon's effective range, severely limiting your mid-range capability.

This innately high rate of fire is paired with a narrow hipfire spread, like all of the SMGs: this means the MP7 is amongst the most effective weapons when fired from the hip.

While you may need to land quite a few shots to kill, the MP7's suitability for spraying means the low damage certainly isn't a problem.

Nor are any of the MP7's handling characteristics: universally fast and generally easy to use.

Recoil is moderate, largely due to the weapon's high rate of fire - this can make it difficult to land the required 6 shots upon distant targets.

You should generally seek to avoid long-range combat - stay within your effective range and the MP7 will generally stay on target.

Aim time is a little slower than typical SMGs in games past - it will take 220 milliseconds to aim down your sights, only slightly faster than an assault rifle.

This isn't a problem, however - as with the SMGs you should fire from the hip first, and wrest your aim onto target as needed.

Switch times are average for the SMG class, and your base movement speed will be the fastest possible, at 100%.

Magazine capacity is 40 rounds, above average for the SMG class and a boon given the high rate of fire. Extended Clip confers a 35% advantage, taking your capacity to 54 rounds between reloads.

While not the highest capacity in the SMG class - that accolade goes to the PDW-57 - the MP7 also boasts a very fast reload indeed, at just 1.72 seconds.

This trait is crucial for a close-range weapon, where every second spent reloading poses a critical risk of ambush: so this speedy reload is a welcome trait.
You will want to avoid long-range firefights with the SMGs - rushing headlong into your enemy's sights will not prove terribly effective.

Instead, use the extra stamina Extreme Conditioning grants to take the longer, lower traffic routes to your enemy - this will help you to strike your enemy where they least expect it, and increase your odds of winning gunfights.

Don't rush headlong into the enemy's spawn, however - with the absence of Dexterity you will need to be careful about sprinting near your opponent.

Instead, learn to anticipate engagements when you're close to the enemy, and leave sprinting to times when you need to cover some ground.

Be careful when reloading, too - with the Extended Clip attachment you have the luxury of engaging multiple enemies between reloads.

If you successfully dispatch an enemy with an unsuppressed weapon, you will alert and draw in nearby foes, who will be hoping to catch you off guard: instead, stay alert, keep your gun ready - and give the would-be assailant a swift rebuttal.

The MP7 is a weapon with some ideal traits for close-quarter gunfights - it is quick to handle and performs very well from the hip.

Its per-shot damage may be relatively low - but this means you are less reliant on a lucky bullet, and instead can benefit from extremely consistent close-range performance.

Few weapons can keep up with the MP7, and when paired with the laser sight you will be unstoppable.

For all its forgiving traits in CQB, the MP7's flaws do start to emerge once you try to tackle enemies at a distance.

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