Randy Moss one-handed TD catch against Darrelle Revis





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Published on Sep 20, 2010

This is by far the best one-handed catch I've ever seen.

Jaw dropping. He made it look soooo easy!

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Josh rose
Best deep threat ever
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Josh rose
+Taylor Fischer truth being told if you were a General Manager you'd be happy with either Moss/Rice. Jerry Rice has the numbers stats don't lie. However he did play with better quarterbacks and more successfully built teams then Randy Moss. But if your looking for a single dynamic player Randy Moss stands out more, he changed the game he made defenses play him with a cover corner with a safety over the top. He dominated, any time the NFL creates a defense to stop one person that makes that person special
Taylor Fischer
+Daniel Thomas Well then dilfer is better then marino he won a super bowl not so logical arguement now and just think for a minute look at what he did with brady the first year he was playing with culpepper and still put up insane numbers Moss and rice are 1A and 1B
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francisco pimentel
It's crazy how he made it look so damn easy
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+francisco pimental. He vigorously practices the 'one-handed grab' technique. What's more impressive is the fact that he did it over Darrelle Revis; it was a failed assessment by Revis because it really could've went out of the playing field.
King Kushy
Moist bagels for him but not you
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Crazy that Revis is considered one of the best CB in league today and he couldnt cover Randy Moss. Just shows how good Randy was.
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+hawjsta. Yeah... this is simply one play that occurred. No premiere 'Cornerback' ever has every play go according to plan.
Revis played the best coverage on moss out of anyone. He has handled Moss on multiple occasions.
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Jermaine Cole
Pats fans: watch this if you're sad about Darelle leaving. 
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KwaGod Brown
+Cole Slaw yeah exactly... 
Cole Slaw
+KwaGod Brown well yeaa.. If they want to express their feelings about something, they talk about that stuff close doors. They usually don't tell it to public esp. the media because you know how they want to blow things out of proportion.. 
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Odell's catch has NOTHING on this. Moss made this look effortless. He knew that ball was going into his hand.
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Jose Lopez
pthfan712 Moss was running at the same time as he caught it
pthfan712 W
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A Commenter
Better than Odell.
Liji Perq
A Commenter the fact that you're putting Odell in the same sentence as mo5ss is really disrespectful by itself
he made it look like he caught it with one hand just for fun, catching it with two was too easy and boring, even though it was on the best defensive back in the league at the time. Then we traded him for a 3rd round draft pick, good job patriots.
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Papa Disco
who the hell made Omar the fuhrer of football vocabulary?
BJ the GOAT Penn
+Omar Bedouin You're reacting as though I called your mother a whore. Actually she prob is a whore so thats a bad example... Triggered!
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Moss is a slouch which goes to show just how talented he is.
Denmark Vesey
That's one of the dumbest oxymoronic comments in the history of YouTube.  You say he's 'talented' as if Moss didn't develop the skills that made him one of the greatest receivers in history.  Haters .. 
NeggaStole Mybike
Randy Moss is the best WR of all time. Don't even put Jerry 'Montana & Stick em hands' Rice in the same sentence.
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no one is saying that julio have a better career than cris carter... but talent wise julio is better than cris carter... if Cris Carter and julio were the same age julio would start over Cris Carter. stirling sharpe played only 7 years but im sure we can agree that he's better than cris carter.
Omar Beydoun
Shut the fuck up you dumbass kids. Julio above Carter already? Go fuck yourselves. Its amazing how little shihead kids like you guys think just because a guy leads the NFL in receiving for 2 years he's suddenly the best all time. Julio Jone's prime (As in his last 3 years where he's averaged over 100 yards per game) is not even one of the 5 best primes in NFL history so far. He's already suffered major injuries and plenty of other guys have had numerious 1600 yard seasons in a short stretch. Many of them catch 2-3x as many TDs as Jones does. And now the kicker: HE HAS HARDLY EVEN STARTED HIS PRIME! So a guy 3 years into his prime, with at least 3-4 years left, who so far has NOT done better than many other WR in NFL past, is already better than the best historic WRs who have 13000+ yards (Julio has around 7k) or 130+ tds (Julio has 40) You fucking idiots. You should be ashamed of yourselves for even trying to talk football when you got no clue about it.
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Odell who??
juan murguia
El Cucuy can't even compare
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