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Published on May 26, 2012

Allowing -- http://www.noahhammond.com Today, we are going to be talking about self-development and allowing and why allowing is the most CRITICAL skill for your own personal growth.

What do I mean by allowing?

I am going to illustrate this point by discussing something I see in a LOT of my students, clients, and the people who send me questions. This is a very common pattern. Hopefully, this will answer a lot of people's questions before they even send them in.

What happens is this.

We create goals. We create outcomes we want to produce. We create all these wonderful results that we are ready and willing to work for or we have begun working for. Now what tends to happen is we start working and we are moving steadily towards this result. We are SO excited. We're progressing.

Eventually, we hit this point where you stay stuck

"Man, I've been trying SO hard. I've been doing so much work. When am I going to get there? Why am I not there already? What is going on? God, I want to be there!"

We get filled with this resistance to allowing the result to happen of "Why is it not here yet? What is taking so long? I'm never going to see it."

It takes our attention away from creating the result. We stall out. We spin our wheels. We stay STUCK because we're not allowing the results to manifest.

Allowing is the simplest thing you can do. It's so easy to do. This is ALL you have to do.

You have to understand that by taking right action, by keeping a clear vision, taking inspired action, and never quitting, you WILL get the result you are looking for. It is INEVITABLE.

By being present to the moment here and now, by allowing the joy of the here and now, you will be allowing the joy of that result that you are looking to create. By allowing your presence to stay aligned and centered, here and now, you are allowing future success.

It's all vibrational!

If you sit inside this resistance: "Why is it not here yet? Why did I not get this result yet?", you are creating that reality. You are no longer creating the results you would like to create.

So you have to be joyously present to the moment and to every action, knowing that every action you take from an inspired place of positive expectation, you are one step closer to that result.

You're not the person who gets to dictate how many steps are between you and that result. That's not entirely up to you.

Your job is to dictate that you are taking these steps and that you are always moving forward. Whether it's a thousand or a hundred steps away, you are never going to fail because you are never going to quit and never get into that state of resistance where you say:

"I should have this result already. I don't have it yet. Why don't I have it yet? I'm broken. This is messed up."

So, by staying in the center of your self-development, by being joyously present to the here and the now, you are going to be allowing those results to be created some point in the future.

When it gets there, man oh man, it's going to be even sweeter if it has taken a little time.

Do not get caught up in the speed game. We are creatures of instant satisfaction. We want it NOW. We wanted it yesterday. Do not fall for it. Be joyously present here and now in order to allow it to come.

Please share below if you think there is a situation where maybe your impatience is actually the reason that you are not getting the result that you are looking for. With this new awareness, please let me know if you see that somewhere in your life.

Or, please let me know if there is a way that this information has helped you to unlock what you see as a future result or maybe a result that came simply by listening to this video...

For the full article, please visit my website here:


Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond



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