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게시일: 2013. 8. 15.


The theme of this song is not praise of the kamikaze suicide corps and war.
It is a song which aspires the world peace through the story of the tragedy of the kamikaze corps.The main messages of the song are;

(1) "Anti-war"; not to repeat any forms of warfare ever again. We, all the nations and citizens who live in the present world, have to earnestly learn from the past fault and grief, and should effort to prevent the war.
(2) "Peace"; that citizens of all nations and their families aspired for. We have to effort continuously to make and keep the world peace.

This song has been made based on testimony of my grandfather, who saw the tragedy of kamikaze suicide corps in the Imperial Japanese Army. This song tries to convey their earnest desire for peace.
I hope that this song can contribute to the peace of succeeding generations and becomes foundation for international peace and prosperity.



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