10. What Might Cause ME? (Part 1) - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS





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Published on Jul 22, 2011

A brief overview of some of the possible causes or triggers involved with ME.

See my other videos so far and subscribe to my channel http://www.youtube.com/getwellfromme . You can read a transcript of what I've said, at http://www.getwellfromme.com , and follow me at http://facebook.com/getwellfromme and http://twitter.com/getwellfromme

You can read a transcript of what I've said, at http://www.getwellfromme.com

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Decisive Coaching
I have known and worked with many many people with this and other similar conditions, such as Parkinson, alzheimer's, dementia etc. all neurological {DIS-Eases} 99% eventualy admited to taking the majority of their water by way of contaminated fluid i.e. coffee tea alcohol etc.  And have a regular "dead food diet" cooked lifeless empty stodgy cloggy. Coincidence? If solutions are not simple, they are proberbly not true! Our bodies want to function perfectly all the time. We often prevent it by the choices we make.
Julie Doughty
i am so pleased i have come across your vidios well explain my doctor think i have fibromyaglia and me but from your vids i think more me as pain not bad but everything else rings true i am just awaiting ct scans bloods etc to rule anything else out , i want them to hurry up as dont know how to cope with all this im in medical limbo at mo doc says just rest , im just going to join your facebook and web site as so impressed with you as been searching for easy and helpful advice 
Tami Slanger
Thank you, I have watched ''my story'' video! And I have been diagnosed with the syndrome of Gilbert as well like yourself! I am 24 and housebound for 2 years now, so we share many similarities I think, when I have the energy I will certainly watch your videos and the treatments you have taken, it might help me as well. 
Awww thank you! Yes, I got ME pretty badly - actually looking back, I was a lot more severely ill than I allowed myself to realise at the time (most people with ME seem to do that) - and I have come a long way in recovering fairly well, but have still got some way to go... Please have a look at the "My Story" video I did, hopefully that'll explain a bit, including a very brief overview of what treatments have helped me etc.
Tami Slanger
For the people who suffer from ME, you are a true legend! Thank you so much for all this videos! My question is do you yourself suffer from ME, have you recovered, had some improvement?
@nkalou Thank you, I hadn't heard of silicone causing ME or CFS too, but believe it could be toxic in the body?
Thank you very much my friend for your effort to make this videos and try educate the people about M.E. CFS.There is another very important thing that might cause the illness which is exposure to silicone.Women with breast implants and men with penile implants may develop M.E. due to silicone toxicity..
@Afrikitty Not to give up on all hope in this world of course, but yes...... "there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain"
@GetWellFromME I was encouraged to hear that you also had my Hope. I doubt I would be alive today, had it not been for my Saviour. For each tear I have shed during these 25 years, I can also remember a raucous cackle...LOL Sometimes the devastation in this disease can be quiite comical. Driving a car can be an experience on some days (DON'T ask me why - espcecially here in the USA where they drive on the wrong side of the road). I am a blessed woman, and one day, the tears will be gone. (^_^)
@Afrikitty Thank you for sharing your experiences, and sorry to hear you've been so ill with your ME for so long after the glandular fever, as well as your breast cancer. So sad to hear about Nancy too. Having ME can be absolutely devasatating, and it's understandable that some people can sometimes lose all hope. I still believe there is hope for those who are ill, there is also truly value in all lives, including those bedbound & unable to "do" anything, and I also share your ultimate hope too.

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