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Published on Aug 1, 2008

Brief video outlining some of the many mistakes of Jordan Maxwell. How accurate is JordANUS Maximus?

I've been asked to provide sources, so here goes:

Point one on 'the great reference works' needs to sources, the other party needs to present them

Point 2 on Horus and Iesus
Please check out
Clearly showing that the two names are completely seperate.

Point 3 on the Nag Hammadi library - please check
plus most books on the Nag Hammadi manuscripts from reputable scholars ALL CONFIRM that the manuscripts go back 1600 years at the latest, the Gospel of Thomas probably the earliest.

Point 4 on Mother Circe. Check out
Clearly showing that Circe never 'live off them'

On point 5 and the Council of Nicaea...
do you really want the source for discounting Nicaea France? lol.
On the attendees please visit:
http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/2502... - detailing the life of Constantine
plus the many of historical sources from reputable historians (don't worry, not part of the illuminati) such as Jerome, Hilarius and Rufinus.

On point 6 and the 10 commandments.
Check Exodus 20:217
I used the Bible as reference here because the situation warrents it; Maxwell is claiming the 10 commandments are in Genesis - read the Bible to discover they are not.

On point 7 and AB-RAM. Maxwell is correct with AB (father) but then goes from Hebrew to English to describe RAM.
Simply check http://strongsnumbers.com/hebrew/352.htm, clearly showing the Hebrew word RAM is Ayil.

On point 8 and Set. Please check
and Apep the God of darkness check
Please check first link on Set(h) to collaborate Set slaying Apep which allowed the sun to rise. Hardly the enemy of light.

On point 9, I may have made an error in my research on this point as the general feeling seems to be that Ur was located in Iraq, although there may be some evidence to suggest the alternative view.
Check International Standard Bible Encyclopedia by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, 1995 a scan may be found on google http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=6O...

On point 10, Kingdom root word for Zodiac. The other party must provide the source.

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Comments • 324

Malcolm Browning
Lol, yes, I wouldn't take this guy seriously. If you listen to what he says and claims over the course of a few years he contradicts himself. He has had a complex about his importance to the world yet offers a message of no hope to people. He claims he was to achieve an important task in the world yet has so far not delivered anything except a message of despair and hopelessness. You need to realise that this is a business, probably not a huge money making business, but never the less a business and probably he is payed to spread doom and gloom as part of a social engineering project. The darkest hour is before dawn.
Jordan really enjoys playing the wise professor
I'm all FOR exposing lies, but where is YOUR proof on what YOU say is a fabrication?  Please list references, please.
maxwell repeatedly says ..."if you do your homework"....which really means "I've done the homework so you folks don't have to"....and then when someone does do their homework on what he claims his claims are proven false, The guy doesn't want us to do our own homework he simply wants us to absorb and believe what he is saying
lol... yeah because maxwell is just so trustworthy with his info! how can you trust a person who gets basic historical facts wrong!...YOU ARE defending maxwell even when his information is proven false, you are probably the type of person that tags along with anyone that TRIES TO DISCREDIT CHRIST! eagerly jumping on any opportunity to bash Jesus simply because you get a kick out of it
Horus Ra
fascist podium
Is that to me? Well, obviously if what he is saying isn't true, he is not bringing anything to a 'new information'. It's phony and based on a nonsense. I simply brought 10 things he said up and exposed them as falsehoods. Did you bother to read the 'about' section? I don't seek fame why should I put myself 'out there'? His information is erroneous at best and deceptive at worst. Do with it what you want, I couldn't give a shit. 
Bubba Gump
lol funny how people attack those so quickly that look to bring truth an new information yet they never question anything or anyone else sorry but after my own research the things he say check out. Plus you I see your comments to others you say these things are lies where is your proof I don't see you putting yourself out there I only see someone hiding behind a KB and not even using there real name.
Horus had everything to do with Jesus, mainly being he's a prototype messiah. I'm convinced now after only a minute in, that this is just another video from an angry Christian. Fuck, you guys need to get a grip, your religion is still relatively new yet you think it's the only truth. 
well done you did your research. I even know when he is lying, he plays with cards and has a different voice tone. He really does shed a lot of light on things, for example his basic slide presentation was excellent. Also a few other works. On the history of EGYPT no cracker jack knows the truth as till today it's only the nubas who can decipher the so-called metu neter or hieroglyphs. What I also know is that sir wallace budge who wrote the 8 volume work "book of the dead" is a nutcrack.
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