Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 1 (1 of 2)





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Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011

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Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 1 - "Anchored" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".

Male: Bet he strolls back in here like nothin' happened.

Fenix: Better park that nice new Raven carefully.

Male: Let's give him the traditional Stranded welcome. Strip the chopper for parts.

Anya: You think he knows that the COG fell apart after he disappeared?

Fenix: Do you think he cares?

Fenix: Chairman Prescott, welcome to what's left of the COG.

Prescott: I'll have answers for you, ladies and gentlemen but later. I need to see Colonel Hoffman immediately.

Anya: Hoffman's been gone almost as long as you have, Chairman.

Prescott: He's dead?

Anya: He left to take a group of civilians to Anvil Gate. Captain Michaelson is the senior officer now. Not that we have much of a military left.

Prescott: I'd better talk to the gallant captain then. I have a mission for him. Oh, and Sergeant Fenix, you'll want to see this.

Fenix: This better not be his shopping list. Let's go check it out.

Man: Who the hell does that asshole think he is?!

Fenix: Prescott's gonna find out an ex-chairman doesn't count for shit with Michaelson.

Announcer: Action stations! Lambent have boarded the ship! We are under attack!

Man: Now what? We just stood down!

Male: Shit, they're attacking in waves!

Fenix: Let's go, people! Sooner we kill these things, sooner we get to CIC and find out what's so important on this goddamn disc.

Male: So which idiot said he wanted to see some action for a change?

Male: Well, they say it comes in threes!

Male: Smoke out!

Anya: Lambent!

Fenix: Lambent!

Announcer: Ship's company! Remain at action stations until we are clear of Lambent waters.

Fenix: Yeah, good idea. Let's get upstairs and see what's on the disc.

Anya: There. Finally got it.

Father: Marcus, if you get this message, if you're still alive, I need your help.

Anya: Oh, God.

Father: This time I really am...

Anya: Marcus...

Father: ...asking for your help. Please...

Anya: ...it's your father!

Father: ...listen.

Fenix: Yeah, I noticed.

Father: It's complicated, and I don't have much time.

Jace: Wait. But, I thought he..

Man: Leave it, Jace.

Father: I'm being held prisoner by the Locust. I've developed a solution for the Lambent problem. They think they can use it to kill humans as well, but they don't realize.

Man: Marcus, he knows about the Lambent. And he looks older than when...

Fenix: Than when we saw him die. I know. If he's still alive, I've got to find him. Any way to tell when this was recorded?

Anya: There's no date code. Hang on.

Father: They don't realize it won't save the Locust. Sera's dying, Marcus, the whole planet's infected. It's the Imulsion that's killing it. It was always the Imulsion, you see, and I can stop it. I understand it all now. I've tried to contact you over the years, but I've been held...

Anya: Damn machine. Baird's never here when you need him.

Male: Brace, brace, brace! Brace for impact!

Anya: I'll figure out a way to decode the rest of that disc, Marcus. We'll find him!

Fenix: Come on! Everybody get out there and finish these assholes!


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