Thrift Shop: Math Class Parody by Bianca, Elizabeth, and Hayden





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Published on Mar 2, 2013

What, what what what...
What what what, what's the answer
*repeat 2x*


I'm gonna do some math
Only got 20 problems in my packet
I'm- I'm- I'm solvin'
Lookin' for solutions
This is uber awesome

Nah, walk up to the classroom like "What up, I got a big brain?"
Nah, I'm just pumped about some concepts from this unit, mayne
To get the max and min, plug the points of intersection in your function
(Dang, that's my favorite section!)

Talkin' bout theories
Growin' intellectually
Dressed in all pink 'cept my tube socks; those are green
Got my TI-83
Teachers standin' next to me
Probably shoulda' checked this to ensure my accuracy
But I got a 99%!

Graphin' it, solvin' it, 'bout to go and get some assignments
Passin' in all my classes that everyone else is failin' in
Nerdy and geeky? Maybe man
I am solvin' and graphin' and gettin' solutions and it's always fun to be a genius

You can take my answers now, You can take my answers now
No for real, take my answers, can I have some money though? *Thank you!*
A plaid button down and thick-rimmed glasses
A calculus textbook that I found in my basement *woo!*

They had calculus textbooks
I bought calculus textbooks
Bought a calculator
And then I bought the next books

Hello, hello, my math man, my fellow
Einstein ain't got nothin' on my brain game, heck no!
I could take AP classes, make 'em cool, pass them
My teacher had to be like "AW, you're just a freshman!"

[chorus 2x]

Whatcha knowin' about the Pythagorean Theorem?
Whatcha knowin' about the Fibonacci numbers?
I'm diggin, I'm diggin, I'm searchin' right through that textbook
One man's boredom, that's another's fascination

Thank my granddad for giving me my plaid button-up shirt
'Cause now I can wear it to math class
I'm at the bookstore you can find me buying *texbooks*
I'm that, I'm that sucka searchin' in that section *textbooks*

Your grades, your answers, equations and fractions
I'll take AP Calculus BC for fun and I'll rock that *oh*
The built-in pants with the socks on that *woah*
I hit mathlete club and I stop in that, oh!

They be like "Oh, those nerds, they're kinda weird."
I'm like "Yo, you got 50% in a math class..."
You just gotta listen, let's do some simple addition

(rhythm stops)
First you make the coefficient matrix, the variables matrix, and the constants matrix, then use a graphing calculator to find the inverse of A and multiply-



That's not simple addition...


50% for an average, that's just some ignorant grade *yeah*
I call that gettin' lazy and dumb *yeah*
I call that gettin' pwned by a genius
Cause math is awesome, yo!
And havin' the same grade as six other slackers in this room is a no-no

Cheat game, don't take a look through my graded work
Tryna get grades off of me? You're a total dork!
You're a total dork!

Hey guys! I'm doin' math! YEAH!


I wear my granddad's clothes
My brain's incredible
Yeah, I bought 20 books
From that bookstore down the road
(2x repeat)


You're only in Geometry? *epic nerd laugh*

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We do not own the Instrumental we used for creating the song! All
credit goes to Karaoke All Hits for their song, Thrift Shop (Originally
Performed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & Wanz) [Instrumental Version] and
we simply layered vocals onto their track!

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