Our Time is Now: a Jemi and Nelena Story Ep.19 [Haters at Practice]





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Published on Aug 8, 2009

Story in Descripton Box!

Coach: welcome to football tryouts everyone. I would like everyone to meet the new captain and co-captains of the team who will help me make the decision! Please welcome: Mr. Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas!
Selena: *sitting on the bleachers* oh you have GOT to be kidding me!
Kevin: as team captain, we will make the decision based on skill and strategy. So lets get this tryout started.
Taylor L: yo dude! Pass the ball to me! *catches the ball and runs into the end zone* TOUCHDOWN!!
--A few more guys try out and get tackled--
Joe: Next is.Selena Gomez. Will Gomez come down here please?
Selena: *comes down*
Random Guy: shes a girl! A girl playing football? HA! Thisll be interesting to watch her FAIL.
Selena: *ignores them*
Kevin: now selena. Go down there and show me what youve got.
Selena: yes sir!
Nick: you dont have to do this babe. Ill go easy on you.
Selena: no nick. Give it to me as hard as you do to all the other guys. I dont want ppl to go easy on me just cause Im a girl.
Nick: all right babe. I tried to warn you.
Selena: thanks. *catches the ball and runs toward the end zone but sees two guys coming at her* *smiles* *jumps over them and does a flip and runs into the end zone*
All Guys: *mouths hanging open*
Coach: you see? Thats what I expect from the team, and a girl stood you up. You are in Miss Gomez but let me remind you. NO. SPECIAL. TREATMENT.
--The Next Day afterschool--
Demi: oh thats awesome sel! You got in! now lets see if they still underestimate us girls.
Selena: hey I gotta go to practice.
Demi: alright, see you at cheerleading practice later!
--After Practice—
Selena: *feeling pretty confident*
Derek: hey! Girl!
Selena: *turns around* I have a name.
Derek: yeah whatever! Listen, we dont like a girl showin us up k? so u either quit, or well do it for you *throws selena against the lockers*
Damian: yeah, a pretty girl like you should be doing cheerleading and splits and all that. But leave football to us. Its not for girls like you. No matter how tough you think you are. *throws selena down on the ground and starts to kick her* *leaves with Derek*
Selena: *wipes her mouth and sees blood coming from the corner of her mouth**crying, gets up and limps to practice*
Coach: well, Miss Gomez, nice of you to join us finally
(A/N: Nick, Kevin, and Joe arent there. They are in a meeting)
Selena: Derek and Damian just jumped me outside in the hallway! Arent you gonna do something about this?!
Coach: *sighs* like I said Miss Gomez, NO. SPECIAL. TREATMENT. Boys will be boys. Deal with it.
Selena: Im part of the team too!
Taylor L: Wait, you jumped them?! Not cool man
Coach: If the guys agree that you should stay on the team, then you will.
Taylor L: *standing up* Im with Selena.
--Everyone slowly stands up except Derek and Damian—
Coach: Well looks like the majority want you on the team.
Selena: *smiles* Thank you guys.
--After practice with Nick—
Nick: Hey babe, how was practice today? *slides his arms around Selenas waist and holds her close*
Selena: *flinches and winces and backs away out of the embrace*
Nick: whats wrong babe? Are you okay? *concerned* did something happen at practice?
Selena: umm.Derek and Damian sorta jumped me after practice.
Nick: did they likekick you?
Nick: Derek and Damian are DEAD MEN!!!
Selena: no nick! Dont!
Nick: so I cant even defend my girl?! *hatches an idea* oh they will pay. Ill make sure of it.

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