UK Nuclear Weapons Convoy





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Published on Jan 7, 2010

UK Nuclear Weapons Transport, Aldermaston to Coulport, November 2006.
Note: although I believe that as a global society we should work towards nuclear disarmament; I am not one who advocates UK nuclear disarmament currently. With the waning power of the United States the world is set to get more dangerous again and a minimal deterrent such as is maintained by the UK is useful for the country itself and for Europe as a whole. If you look at the figures at the end of the video you will see that the UK actually has relatively few active warheads and has gradually reduced them over time. Both the USA and Russia maintain thousands of warheads and this needs to be reduced significantly. Gradual mutual reduction by all weapon states to minimal levels is the way forward.

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a stupid genius
What's with the rainbow flag? Are Nuclear Weapons homophobic now?
Official James Parker
Whether you like it or not... EVERY OTHER COUNTRY HAS WEAPONS. If we get RID OF OUR WEAPONS, then we will have NO DEFENSE if they attack us; which is likely to happen eventually (especially with America attacking everything and us being their 'ally'). And furthermore, if we have NO WEAPONS; other militaries will know this, thus attack us to win our country. Remember, we used to do this once upon a time. This is why we're now called GREAT Britain, and not just Britain (look it up). So, do you REALLY EXPECT US to HAVE NO WEAPONS for defence? Seriously? CUT THE CRAP and recognize we need similar protection from our enemies against an attack. Let's pretend we had ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS however for a second... WE'D BE FUCKED; why shouldn't somebody invade us and win? ... It's fine to be all 'self-righteous' about war, but you need to study every other country to make a fair assessment about where things stand. WE IN ENGLAND may act peaceful, but other countries don't. Everybody has weapons for a reason. I don't approve of nuclear weapons, however I recognize defense is necessary.
They protest in peace, ignorant of the fact their freedom to protest peacefully only exists because of those nuclear weapons
The subject of nuclear physics is a wonderful thought; the idea that we can control and manipulate the atomic nucleus, the most important aspect of every atom in the universe, and collide/split nuclei to generate energy is amazing. The fact that we know so much about the inner workings of reality, and at the same time we know barely anything at all. Nuclear power: the two-step process to massive amounts of power on tap, with fewer and fewer drawbacks as the technology gets better and better. This truly brilliant aspect of science and what do humans do with it? They use it to build weapons. They use a magnificently perplexing branch of physics to kill each other. It's disgusting
Guys you are right nukes shouldn't exist. But what's better to have something so horrible that no one would ever think of attacking us, or having nothing to defend ourselves with?
Simon  Neve
Run those smelly unwashed fucking hippy cunts over. Squash them like shit !!!! Hippies are shit. Fuck off you dumb cunt hippy faggots. Suck your mothers cunts
Daniel Hampson
+Simon Neve Nice chap!
cody quam
In memory of Dominic Santiago Gears of war three brothers to the end 
Si vis Pacem Para Bellum
We should have gone to nuclear war by accident by now. This is pathetic. Its like having an old car. Park it for a few decades and see if it starts... bet it doesnt. If anyone had to hit the red button Id say it would be a dud.
That's why they replace them every 6 months
Scammell Man
Nice Foden's .
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