China Hiding 3,000 Underground Nuclear Warheads





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Published on Dec 1, 2011

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Professor Phillip Karber, 65, of Georgetown University along
with his students has conducted a three-year study on China's Second Artillery Corps.
They pointed out in the unpublished informal report that the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has dug up to 3,000 miles of underground tunnels, which house nuclear warheads.
The number of nuclear warheads that China has far exceeds
what they tell the world.
The U.S. Department of Defense and this private
teacher-student think tank are very concerned.
Experts believe that China's military expansion is not only
about competing with Western democracies on a military basis,
the CCP also wants to compete with the
West on an economic basis, too.

On November 29, the Washington Post reported that Kappa
and his students translated and studied many writings,
including Chinese military secret documents, satellite images,
and online resources. They then wrote their conclusions.

Kappa believes that China's Second Artillery Corps has
excavated up to 4,828 km (3,000 miles) of underground tunnels, equal to the distance from Boston to San Francisco.
It's there that they hide 3,000 nuclear warheads, far more than
the 80-400 that they tell the world they have.

Although this 363-page informal report has yet to be
officially announced, its message has reach reached the Pentagon and U.S. think tanks.
The U.S. Congress is expected to invite Kappa
to a formal hearing.
In August 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense announced
China's military assessment report, citing some of Kappa's research.

Current affairs commentator, Wu Fan, believes that
what the CCP has done has caused friction between China and United States,
as well as neighboring countries and Western countries.

Wu Fan: "At whom are they are pointing 3,000 missiles at?
With whom are you getting ready to fight? Who will attack you?
If all these missiles are strictly for defense, and you won't
fire the first shot, it does not mean that the CCP won't expand outwards, or infringe on other people's interests."

Wu Fan pointed out that regarding economic interests, 15% of
China's oil imports come from Iran.
The CCP has also made investments in Iran, and provides them
with nuclear weapons technology.
The two countries continue to trade weapons and
technology for oil.

According to Chinese Customs data, in the first half of 2011,
China's crude oil imports from Iran increased by 50% over last year, reaching 13.5 million tons.

Wu Fan: "It is good to expose this issue, and
let the world know where the CCP's interests lie."

On November 8, the United Nations first openly accused Iran
of developing nuclear weapons technology and described the evidence in detail,
adding that Iran continues to cover up
the development of atomic bombs.
Evidence shows that Iran has already exceeded its own energy
and medical research goals in atomic bomb research.
This has made international leaders very worried.

However, the CCP has opposed international sanctions
against Iran's nuclear research and development.

Jia Shaye, Iran's armed forces deputy chief of staff has warned
Israel that if it attacks Iran, it will be digging its own grave.
And Iran's retaliation would not be limited to the Middle East.

China refuses to agree to levying sanctions against Iran,
which is not a decision based solely on the CCP's own economic interests,
but also because the CCP wants to use Iran's authoritarian
regime to compete politically with democratic Western countries.

Shi Mingkai, former chief of the China Branch in the
U.S. Department of Defense said,
there is no doubt the CCP has spent huge amounts of funds
digging these tunnels, so we need to pay attention to this and question it.

It has been reported that Kappa served in the U.S. Department
of Defense during the Cold War.
During the Wenchuan earthquake, he learned that numerous
radiation experts in China entered the disaster area and
noticed a large number of broken concrete pillars sticking out
of the top of a collapsed mountain.
He suspected that a local underground nuclear arsenal
could have been damaged in the earthquake.
It was at that time that Kappa became interested in
doing research into the excavation of underground tunnels by the Second Artillery Corps.

NTD TV reporters Chen Han, Tang Rui...

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Eddie Crane King
How ridiculous to see some Chinese traitors bullshit on the nation where they come from. LOL If the war happens one day, these traitors are the first group to be wiped out. 
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Honghao Liu
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y gs
其实地下隧道里藏了中国大杀器:法轮神功秘籍!练三年,可以白日飞升。练十年,掌劈蝙蝠侠,脚踢蜘蛛人!练三十年,一掌击毙超人,粉碎avengers 如探囊取物。
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Arman Usman
great China best friendship pak china
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Dongwei Sun
野心在哪里? 我笑得不行了。 妈逼的,如果没有原子弹,中国就是渣渣,台湾也是渣渣。傻逼玩意。 3000 枚,我希望有30000枚。 干什么, 就是炸美国,炸日本。 我泱泱华夏,没野心对得起祖宗吗 ????
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Vladislav Tamashevska
Yeah, I'm hiding half of them in my ass
Enjoy C
Don't worry, Master Li Hongzhi has the ability to save the day. We just wait to see! Haha...
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Why would China hide so many nukes? It doesn't make sense. The point of letting people know how many nukes you have is to scare other countries. Why do you think America and Russia tell the world how many nukes they have?  So there is no need in hiding.  This report is nonsense. American government was just trying to find an excuse to nuke China. Because China claims never be the first to use nuclear weapons. 
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mao zedong has once said "I rather give up my pants but i would not give up my nuclear plans"...the US and its allies have been bullying chinese for many years...you think the chinese are stupid not to stock up their nuclear arsenal as many as possible?...especially they have the money and technology to do it now...
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