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Published on Sep 25, 2012


For whatever reason, Gearbox decided to make you level some challenges to unlock another. While two of them are possible to accidentally do, you also need to max out (check mark) Open Wide! (for Shotgun Sniper) and to get this trophy / achievement. The other two that you need are Surprise, which requires No Scope, No Problem max, though some say it unlocks earlier (like myself) and Catch a Rocket, which just requires maxed out Splish Splash. If you do these three challenges and get everything else to level 1, then you should get your trophy / achievement. Some have posted it might glitch, but it just requires another bad ass challenge to be done. (in all cases so far)

Additional Information:

Since so many people seem confused about certain elements, I will explain a few most common ones here.

0) Is the DLC required for this Trophy / Achievement?
A) Now that Pirate Booty is out and more on the way, I suspect many more people will ask this question. Let me start by saying, No, they're not required to platinum / 1,000 Borderlands 2. If you hear otherwise, the person is either uninformed, trolling, didn't read this description and by default are stupid or other. So let me start by explaining how this works...

* When I misreported an error for a trophy, the games senior editor told me that you need to have every trophy obtainable without DLC to pass QA testing. There is only 1 exception that I know of (Army of 2 the 40th day), which requires a free to download mode to platinum.
* It's coded to work a certain way, which is most likely one of them listed below.
- The Trophy / Achievement is set to go off once you hit a certain number of unique level 1 bad ass ranks. Some fighting games have this happen where DLC characters give you a buffer for certain trophies.
- The Trophy / Achievement is unlocked once every tick is activated. This is most likely the case, since it requires all base tasks to be completed.

Finally I know 2 people that platinumed the game without getting a single Pirate DLC trophy, though they did own / play it. This proves that there is no funny business on the PS3 side. I know virtually nothing about M$, but M$ cares more about achievements than Sony, so I expect them to have harsher guidelines than Sony.

1) I got everything to level 1 and no trophy / achievement, did it glitch on me?
A) Borderlands 2 uses a weird and confusing "Badass" level system. You see, every skill starts with the number 1 to the left of the progress bar. This indicates your PROGRESS TO LEVEL 1, not that you're actually level 1. If you've achieved level 1 in every skill, then they should all read 2 or better.

2) Do I need the cult of vault stuff or any of the level tasks?
A) Like the description says, they're not required. At 1:44 you can see that I am missing the cult of vault task and still got my trophy. You're free to do these if you want, but they're not going to make a difference on your progress.

3) Jimmy Jenkins!
A) Jimmy Jenkins is a special "loot midget" that randomly comes out of loot chests. Currently no solid information is known about him, but many people have found him in the exploitation area, opportunity and Hero's Pass. Some speculate he is programmed to come out of set boxes, but other evidence says there might be several possible boxes. I would suggest opening everything and hope for the best. Please note though, only the person that kills him gets credit. DO NOT give up the kill if you need it.

4) Level 5?
A) Level 5 is the checkmark status and is the final rank for the task.

5) I got a question, why are comments closed?
A) Doesn't matter, but any questions regarding this trophy / achievement will go unanswered.

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