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Published on Mar 12, 2012

For Scythes and Staffs all that i have teached ingame is here in this Video basicly.
Instructions more detailed here in Description:

Step One: Have Eagle Talon High (Rank 9) You need Magic Fire Mine spell to get that bar like in the video to be able to do these tricks.

Part 1:
Scythe Evie: Blink Mine:
To do this is simple, With the Magic Fire Mine wait till the bar is filling up after half way you can double click shift, as the Blink ends you will cast a Magic Fire Mine.

*Note* You can change direction dureing blink so you can use this tacticly in pvp/pve

Part 2:
Staff Evie Focus Guard:
This one is basicly focuseing (Right Click) But you got to get the timeing right, You got to focus exactly half a second before you get hit for example so that you got a glow/The Focus on you in order to protect you from getting hit, It takes a lot of practise this one to not do it wrong, But if you master this one on a certain boss, its handy for emergancy situations.

Part 3:
Both Evies:
No Stamina hop: This is a common mistake evies have, At Titan/Klaus Evies give up on living because they have no Stamina, WRONG! You can hop for NO STAMINA COST! so just spam a direction key and hop away! Its like you never learned blink or mana amber! You can just non stop hop! You will get to safety easy like this (WASD + Shift)

Part 4:
Staff Evie (Kari's PvP Mines use in PvE!!!!)
First one is: The Shift/Hop Mine (Hop Mine works on Scythe too)
Simply almost fill your bar up (Magic Fire mine Bar) Then do a hop dodge and it will land and do it at same time.

Second one that i really enjoy in PvP and in some boss's is the "Amber Mine" I found this one out a long time ago dureing the testings of Shift Mine from Scythe that i thought, Staff could do Amber maybe and yes it can! Its a short amber but if well timed its enough to block a attack and it makes you stand on your feet as you cast the Fire Mine on the floor, So basicly you can sparrow away after this trick!

Keys: Charge Fire Mine Bar then near the end Double Shift And you will do a short Mana Amber + a Magic Fire Mine!


This one takes some practise but you can get the hang of it!
Step to do this: Hold down your movement Key (Usually W but S A D work too!) then Press Shift = First Hop, Now at the moment you want to land and do a second you Left Click your mouse button and it will not have enough time to fire a Arrow hopefully giving you your second hop for free! And you can do this on and on! But only 2 are needed in real combat.
Basicly W+Shift + Left Mouse Key. Practise it! And don't die because you couldnt get that extra distance in time!

Then repeat W Shift Left Key in the order that works for you when you do it right you will listen to the Ingame Sound of it doing a special noise, Gratz! You have mastered it!

Part 5:
Staff Evie: Sparrow Cancel Technique:

Simply press Left Click Mouse and do again a Sparrow, Left click cancels the animation/Waiting on this one, but its far worser stamina consumeing then Double Hop above, and is not that skillful, but may come in handy for you in a situation!

Thats it for now Details:

Song: Rescue Me - Zebrahead (All rights reserved to this awesome band, Promoteing there good work as usual in my videos of gameing!)

Game: Vindictus Europe Extreme Edition
Character: KariYagami
Guild: Divine Punishment (Former God/Extreme Leader)
AP: 75k (Max as of episode 7.5) (Nowadays 110k+)
Class: Evie Hybrid
Material in Video: Cloth Set and Plate Set, was just to show the tricks!

As some of the Video's are Reupload's from my former channel they will not have much information, If you have any questions about them just ask in the comments, Do keep in mind these videos are OLD and I might not fully know things anymore regarding Vindictus, Atlantica Online and Tibia.


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