People Insanely Overcharging For Old Video Games (A Playalives Vid Response)





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Published on May 28, 2012

Check out Playa Lives on youtube - www.youtube.com/playalives

Here's his vid talking about the dumb person in question lol - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVFkJa...

We all have seen asshats selling games for 500 times what they are honestly worth then defending that price. So I shed a few opinions on a situation Playalives went through on Craigslist.

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Comments • 1,722

 I saw a wii sports for $9.997 and i asked the seller why so much and he responded back "all of my friends dont have any and i dont know anyone who has it so it seems its a rare game.
holy shit, no one i know has a sega genesis, maybe that guy is onto something!
Corey Wilson
I remember back in 2006 (I think), I went to this mom and pop game store, and the owner was charging 150 bucks for Command and Conquer on the N64, with just the cartridge. I checked ebay later that night, and it was going for an average of 12 bucks, and it came with the box and manual. Yeah, OKAY, it's TOTALLY worth that much. The next day I thought, wait, I can make some decent money by selling my old games to this dumb bitch. I took Bomberman Party Edition to her. She refused to buy it because, and I quote, "The top portion of the CD is really scratched, and that's the part that has the game coding on it." I went off on this bitch. I basically told her that if she doesn't understand video games, then she shouldn't be trading them, only in a much more impolite way. I couldn't believe that she was so fucking stupid. I legitimately felt less intelligent after dealing with her.
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game overland
SpyderTurbo92 mega man x is on ebay europe for 1000$ . wtf
+Alfie Spour fun fact you can get half life 2 on original xbox for 1 cent
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Just bought a used copy of Banjo-Kazooie for $18 off of Amazon...after laughing my ass off at the one priced at $399.99. Sure I'm just getting the game, but I know damn well that the cardboard, paper and ink used to make the box and instruction booklet aren't worth that extra $382.
Nintendo Mania
TheThrashyOne got my banjo tooie for 2 dollars, it was awesome
Mike DiLoreto
I got mine at a Savers for $4. And I also got Goldeneye at Goodwill for $2. Thrift shops, man. They rule.
There is a sealed copy of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past on Amazon UK for £999. I want to email the guy and ask him if he's an idiot.
+viacomsux45  it's still there... along with one for 850 pounds.. and the assholes have the audacity to call it "brand new",  lol the world is full of pricks.  Same guy has LoZ Collectors edition on Gamecube for 100, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 for 130... he needs to be hit by a bus.
he is smart because he knows someone will jump on it
my favorite are the old games that are like 3.99 but the shipping cost is like 20 bucks. 
If you have a good will store check it out cause they got awesome games for good price's. i paid 2.95 for super mario 64 cause on ebay people want 14.50 to 24.95
Tommy Dee
Store wanted $80 for Silent Hill 2 for PS2 cause that's what it was on Amazon. I got it with no scratches for $16 on eBay with box and book 
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+Alvizoman Yeah. That's why I keep my games for as long as I can now.
+Joe Don't forget their bullshit ass trade-in program, when you give them a game that's like $30, and they give you $2
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I was trying to buy a DSi XL on craigslist and someone was asking $150 for it.  I told them the 3DS XL was only a couple dollars more and was told to fuck off.  lol
+Daikkenaurora what a bunch of douches, i know you can find them now for $100
superman 64 is worth 1 billion space bucks
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Only one person buys it XD
im so hyped for the new tf2 update! oh wait
+TAKE ME TO UR DEALER oh... awkward
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AIDS Bjorn
This is why I stopped collecting old games. Now I emulate or use flash carts.
FBI: "You are pirating Chrono Trigger why would you commit such a crime???" Me: "I lost my SNES collection cause my mom decided to donate it all and i wanted to play it again and i ain't paying $1,000,000 for the game cause some asshole wants to test someones stupidity!" FBI: "You realize you have to pay a $2500 fine for this" Me: "Why???" FBI: "Cause Square Enix doesn't want you stealing their games" Me: "That's the dumbest thing ever, THEY DON'T SELL CHRONO TRIGGER NO MORE! Not on Nintendo eShop, not on PS Store, not on Steam! when i buy used games, they aren't getting anything and that's still legal. I mean, if i got FFXV for free then yes i would consider it piracy! But Chrono Trigger is an old ass game they stopped manufacturing decades ago! FBI: "Aight imma gamer too and i understand the struggle of buying old games, i emulate myself so i'll get ya off the hook... Don't tell nobody."
Danyo89' Chillinhard
Nothings more worse than a reseller in a collector's eyes. I've been to a pawn/trading post shop in Jacksonville, NC (yeah im name bombing) can't remember what the sh*thead's place was called but. The life size storm trooper is what caught my eye! So i go in there and i see a display case with your typical popular nes, snes, n64 games and a huge comic collection. So i tested the waters and asked how much there copy of Super Metroid and the employee looked at me like I was crazy and said $140, i turned away in disbelief and for shits and giggle's i saw Megaman 1,2,3 and 8 in display, and i asked how much was megaman 8 and she abruptly in a very rude tone and said all Mega man games are over $100. I looked at her and said that mm8 is very common, can get it on ebay or amazon for less than $10 bucks complete. She ignored me and one of her employees commented that they save people the trouble from having to order and wait for shipping. I shook my head and said well if it saves me more than $90 bucks the waits not a problem. These people are what i call stone cold reseller's. Not only are they gouging the living f** out of people that enjoy games and comics, you can tell they have no enthusiasm in gaming in comics as a whole. 
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