Our doberman sliding down the stairs!





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Published on Jan 29, 2008

Our dog learning the stairs and attemtping to run down them to get a treat. He did this about 15 times ina row!! lol

To all the critics

This purebred specimen of a dobermann pinscher lives a life far better than most humans on this planet. He eats as much holistic non grain human grade dog food he wants whenever he wants. Has the run of a +2000SQft house (heated/cooled for comfort) and medical care far better than most first world countries thanks to his owners that spare no expense on him. He enjoys two separate 6' thick $100 dog beds. He lives the life, with a min of two off leash walks that include constant challenging training from his two experienced owners, making a true specimen of the breed.

Many of you have come to judge us as abusive/cruel dog owners for having the dog docked and cropped but let me tell you that it was done for function. He is a trained guard dog with a purpose, his purpose is to protect our house while I am away working long shifts, including nights. For this easy work he enjoys an amazing life. Yes he has been altered to make him a more affective guard dog and deterrent to protect my family and this was done while he was a puppy by a veterinarian using all proper methods. This is no more cruel than having any other elective surgery done by a reputable doctor.

So while on youtube step back and think is this really animal cruelty? Is it, compared to the problems that are really going on around the world with the poor treatment of animals?

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Docking tails and ears are just about as detrimental to a dog as spaying or neutering. It's virtually painless and with the proper vet and care, heals up right away. There's a reason it hasn't been banned in the US yet. None of us know why this owner cropped the dogs ears so why ridicule them? Sometimes its up to the breeder and the owner will have no say. Same with docking the tail. These things are often used for working dogs so the tail and/or ears will not get in the way. Cropped ears often helps with ear infections which are common in this breed of dog. They also help with protection and security dogs so assailants cannot grab the ears as easily. And yes it is also a cosmetic reason. The dog is not scared of its owners for having its ears cropped. It's probably just scared of stairs as most puppies at this age are. There are so many videos that have dobermans, both puppies and adults that have ears and tails docked. Youtubers just pick on this owner because the dog is currently bandaged.If you don't want people to crop their dogs then sign a petition or get out there and actually put your arguments to good use. Quit bitching at this one owner and enjoy the cuteness of this puppy!
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Bärbel Schulz
What happend with the ears?And the tail?in germany is not allowd to to this!And we have a lot of beautiful and heathy Doberman.Terrible!°
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Vivien Tan
I thought it had bread between its ears
Troy weiler
I'm sure this pup lives a lovely life. I still feel kinda bad watching it with the ear bandages. I have a rottweiler that we imported from Hungary where it is illegal to cut the tail. He's a great dog and It would never cross my mind to cut his tail. He's a great protection dog with or without it. 
Hahahaha he had to get a running start down the stairs
Jasmin Pluta
There is a reason, that dogs have ears and a tail! Do we cut our ears to be more attentive? No, we don't. Btw, here in Germany it's not allowed to this to a dog. Since that law was enacted, we have beautiful Boxers and Dobi's, Pit's etc. in our country and that's perfect! Especially for the doggies! And remember: these breeds where made by us, so we should accept these awesome creatures in the way they are, not in the way how we want them to be!!!!
Death to Communism
He is probably scared that you will mutilate him again you evil cunt.
Neil Ross
Cosmetic mutilation!  Good job!  Asshole.
Amount of the moronic comments on that video is just crazy. First own a f... doberman then make a comment about ear cropping and tail. Its not only for the look ,Dobermans are guard dogs if you crop their ears they will be more on the watch (pretty much constantly) and they have awfully long tail which just keep knocking everything over they are just super clumsy. It is banned in Norway so my doberman has both ears and the tail, but i totally understand owners of this dog, if its legal in the country you live in then do it. And no god didn't make dobermans  Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann made the race. 
Did I miss the 'sliding'?
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