Fatima and Third Secret Exposé 6/11: Fr. Gruner Letter About His Meeting w/ Russian Embassy Revealed





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Published on Aug 27, 2016

Never-before-released primary source information about the Russian Embassy's recent meeting with the world's leading Fatima proponent and expert (Fr. Nicholas Gruner). Why didn't the Russian Embassy meet with the Vatican Secretary of State to learn more about the Fatima prophecies? Because they are not dimwitted and naive, that's why. Anyone with half a brain, critical thinking skills, and their eyes even halfway open who has been following events on this topic can see through the blatant and obvious lies and deceit regarding the Third Secret of Fatima done by those in control of the Vatican, particularly an organization of the caliber of the Russian Secret Service.

The testimony of Sister Lucia of Fatima about how communism would overcome every country in the world, including the United States if the consecration of Russia was delayed (26:02).

This video contains information concerning Vladimir Putin, the Russian Secret Service, and the Russian Embassy to the Holy See.

Fr. Kramer testifies about how he knows from his inside channels that Vladimir Putin asked about the consecration of Russia during his 2013 meeting with Pope Francis. Furthermore,
Fr. Kramer refers to a meeting that went on at the Russian Embassy to the Holy See that was directly and specifically about Fatima (01:58).

In the video clip testimony, you will notice how Fr. Kramer said, “At the same time there was a meeting going on at the Russian Embassy to the Holy See that did touch upon questions of Fatima.”

I happen to know one of Fr. Gruner's benefactors who gave me a copy of a special report sent to him from Fr. Gruner which gives additional details of this aforementioned event at the embassy.

Considering Fr. Gruner's recent passing away and the fact that the world is running out of time before the commencement of the chastisements, I feel it is an opportune time and a benefit to those interested in the Fatima message to make known some of these details.

I include a copy of most of this letter in this video (06:11). The letter from Fr. Gruner starts out with “The time has come to tell you things that I have had to keep secret until now. [...] Things have been happening behind the scenes. No sooner had I returned from Rome after our attempt to make the papally promised (but unfulfilled) October 13, 2013 consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart a consecration of Russia, then I had to go back to Rome. Why? Our office in Rome received a phone call – from the Russian Embassy! The Russian official let it be known, in that roundabout language that diplomats use, that the Russians wanted to meet with me! He said that if I were in Rome, the embassy would welcome a visit from me.” Watch this video for the rest of the letter.

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