DUCHY Wormhole Part 1 - Corona Borealis Starbase Deployment - Global Economy Experts





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Published on May 16, 2011

EVE Online: GEX is in the wormhole business and this is how we deployed Corona Borealis Starbase in out new DUCHY WH.

More about our corp and operations:

Global Economy Experts are working with local communities to stabilise the supply and demand for global commodities in every region. Expanding our market coverage we seek to provide market intelligence services to the wide community.

Contact: Viaris
Recruitment: Apocalipse, KORAY OKTAVYAN, VirusMD, Erin Gembar, Sisyus

Stellar Economy Experts Executor

Join our friendly and social group of members and make new friends for life. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just starting out in EVE Universe, we have plenty to offer:

Our main focus is on
☼ Permanent Worm Hole Space Operations
☼ WH Harvesting - ABC Ores, Valuable Gas Clouds, Juicy Planets
☼ WH Combat - Sleepers, PvP
☼ WH Exploration and Raiding

Occasionally we also run
☼ High & Low sec Mining and Trade operations
☼ PvP - Low Sec Pirate Hunting
☼ NPC lv3-5 Combat Missions

We are in business of creating opportunities for the members. Would you like to play EVE for free? We can show you how to make enough isk to fund PLEXes every month and enjoy quality gaming at the same time!

We are looking for
☼ Industrialists and Explorers for our OPERATIONS division
☼ Fighters and Mission Runners for COMBAT division
☼ Traders and Haulers for our TRADE division

If you are new and would like to learn and grow into one of the Roles above, sign up as Cadet in our ACADEMY division and gain ACE certification. If you enjoy helping and teaching others, become a Mentor in ACADEMY and take a few Cadets under your wing. Become a Leader in your field today!

We adhere to non-piracy policy. Our extensive connections and numerous allies strengthen our fight against our enemies. Don't miss out on the action! Join today!

NRDS in high/low sec. NBSI in wh/null space.

10M SP entry requirement and Limited API checks apply.

Member quotes
☼ "possibly one of the best run industrial corporations in Eve. They have very good knowledge and experience of how to generate cashflow from wormholes and other industrial activities" -Seanig-
☼ "I have only been here a week and I can't imagine a more professionally run corp in Eve" -Svandrith-
☼ "in the time I've been in this corp I've probably made about 10x the amount I have since I started this game" -Demon-
☼ "i will return because GEX is the best corp i seen and been in" -Jawwad-
☼ "I've never had the fun that I've had here or gained the knowledge that I have gained from any corp before" -Tank Stuffer-
☼ "i love gex coz its as close as it can get to a real corporation" -Sisyus-
☼ "I've made about 35 Billion ISK in 11 months with GEX" -Virus-

Supporting Japan Donation Drive - http://tiny.cc/2mrza

GEX WH Videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/viariseve

KillBoard - http://sex.eve-kill.net

DUCHY WH sale: https://forums.eveonline.com/default....


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