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Published on Jul 13, 2010

http://www.hotforwords.com to request words. The origin of the term espionage.

Here is the first FAKE Anna Chapman video:

Guy: Alright.. ignore all this extravaganza.. and a - give me a 1 2 3 4...

Marina: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4

Guy: I need to change a bulb.. And ahhh.. chat a little bit more...

Marina: la la la la

Guy: Perfect.

Marina: la la la la

Guy: Good. Good. And just tell me what you are going to do later today.

Marina: I will shop, actually, I will be picking up some money that someone buried for me in Central Park, (guy clearing throat sound) then I will go to Gucci to shop, then Prada, hopefully bump into some rich guys. I will have a (finger quotes) business meeting at 2 o'clock (wink wink) which will last an hour then I have a wonderful dinner meeting in a nice restaurant with a very rich man who knows a lot of politicians. Hopefully he will (finger quote) invest in my business.

To the light... It's really making me hot this one.

Guy: 1 2 3 4 5.... OK.. What is your full name and your full address... And what kind of job do you have?

Marina: My name Anna Chapman here in the United States. And my address is 99 Fake Street.

Another guy: It's not "fake Street"

Marina: What?

Other guy: It's not "fake Street"

Marina to the side: You wrote for me to put 99 Fake Street

Guy: No.. you're supposed to put a fake street name.

Marina: That's what I did I wrote "Fake Street".

Guy: No.. that's Oh. Forget it!

Marina: As I was saying, I live on 99 Fake Street, In New York. And I am not a spy.

Guy: What are you saying, you're supposed to NOT say you are a spy...

Marina: But it said on the paper "You are not a spy".. so I said that! Looking off camera.. Oh.. I get it!
Back to camera. Anyway.. I started a business that you are here to interview me for.

Guy.. what is the name of your business?

Marina: EspionageNYC.com

Guy: Oh.. OK.. and what would be your title?

Marina: Well.. in Europe we call it a CEO but in America you call it a president.. so guess founder is just fine. Ha ha.

Guy: Oh---kay.. and you call your company EspionageNYC.com because?

Marina: Espionage came to English in 1793 from the French espionage, which in turn came from the French espionner which means to spy, and we chose that name because we are spying all over New York to try to find new apartments for people.

Guy: oh uh

Marina: Good name, right?

Guy: Well.. maybe something like Apartment Finder might be better.. Umm.. when did you start this business?

Marina: Last night actually. I just dug up some cash that someone left me (guy clearing throat) .. a lot of money and I had to try to come up with a legitimate sounding business.. so I created this business.. and paid like $27,000 for the domain, and hired some normal looking people that don't look Russian and have like Spanish sounding and Irish sounding last names.

Guy: OK.. well..

Open up, this is the FBI....

Marina: Oh.. I've got to go.. and runs out.

FBI Warning ON SCREEN with Chris, voice-over

Warning.. The FBI has on its most wanted list a Miss Anna Chapman that you saw in this interview taken in 2007. It appears that Miss Anna Chapman infiltrated the New York business scene with the intention of getting to know Americans and spying on them. Anna Chapman has been known to go by the names:

Anya Kuschenko, her real name, Anna Chapman, her married name, followed by the aliases Anna Rexia, Anita Hanchob, Eileen Dover, Ivana Bichacrotchov, Ivana Humpalot, 
Ivana Tinkle, Marsha Mellow, Ophelia Balls and Marina Orlova.

She is thought to be teaching a school or class somewhere in the Continental United States or Guam. If you know the whereabouts of this person, please do not approach her as she is extremely dangerous and please call your local FBI office to report the sighting.

For your assignment, the FBI is asking you to include any other possible aliases Ms. Hanchob, Dover, Humpalot, Orlova may have used or may be using. Please write them in the comments below and FBI agent Phil Dunderpants will be contacting you for more information so that we may rid this nation from thes pinko commie bastards.

Thank you and god bless America.


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