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Biz Markie - Just A Friend: The Literal Video Version





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Uploaded on Jul 29, 2009

The world's FIRST rap literal video!







Influenced by Dustin McNeato's literal video concept

Gather round gentlemen I have a story to share
The bald guy behind me seems to not even care
He just picked his nose and thinks Im insane
Someone stole my bike, but I still have the chain
A flashback to talk about my past lady desire
My DJ playin hot tracks the booth is on FIRE
I really like to sweat as I ring out this towel
Hey sexy lady please buy me a Shamwow
Youre touching my hands even if they are wet
Remember I just ringed out a towel full of sweat?
I do enjoy the way that you are dressed
So dont mind me as I look at your butt and chest
I really dont know how I scored this chick
But I really hate this guy in my shot, you DICK!
Another guy walks by just brooming the floor
Not a custodian, but a trendy looking janitor
She rolls her eyes and feels up on my chin
Then says that she doesnt date rapping has beens
Cmon! Im on Yo Gabba Gabba! On Nickelodeon.

Im ticklin iv-or-eeeeeee
Heres my butler named Alfred
A shot of me fake playing
James Brown it too
Dance outta my seat
I need to buy some just for men
Had white hair since I was 10
Now there is TWO of me on the screen
White people play this again & again
Royalty checks Ill be cashin

Bet youre curious to see whats under this blur
Im gonna stand up so you can examine it further
Get outta my way, dweeb, cant be seen with you.
I did her, I did her, and pause.
Who hired these girls cause they cannot dance
Fade out to a scene of me wearing tightpants
Take a seat right here I have a gift for my lady
Its a gold necklace with the words DOBABY?
Did you go to Jared for this dilly-dally?
Nah, I put a quarter in at the bowling alley
Dancing like a fat guy because I am obese
Youre in a one piece and we are feeding the geese
Now heres a random shot of a hairy dog
Got my crew behind me just snapping along
Im on a flip phone, Im on a brick phone
Goldfingers sez dont pick up that touch tone
Big Daddy Kane cameos he just hangs up
Hes got Boones Farm filled in that glass cup
Darn it
At least the geese like me

My piano needs cleaned
This must be a good stand in
I sold out to Heineken
Alfred he moves with a gangsta lean
Wigglin it, Im not playin
Do you enjoy dust in your gin?
Am I seeing double vision?
Or a mad magazine fold in
End the refrain heres me spinning

Driving my car up to the security place
Pan the camera to the right to cover my face
As Im pulling up towards that one way lane
I keep dancing around guys just twirling canes
This security man has a sweet mustache
Slo-mo it cause these papers are about to be trash
Without a cane in my hand, I miss out on the fun
Looks like Ill have to go to the fair to win one
I dont know where the girl lives that I have dated
So Ill ask a random guy who looks constipated
I look at door 3 playing lets make a deal
Theres no telling what opening it will reveal
Be very, very quiet Im hunting cheaters
Surprised look, is he eating her?
An extreme closeup to take a look at my eyes
I may be sad, but I still have my moon pies
So are you ready to see everyones favorite trend
Im talking about a movie montage end
Montage end, montage end, montage end

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