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Published on Mar 12, 2012

"Darkness Within" is from our debut album, "Prophecy", available here : http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dra...
For more Info, streaming tracks and updates check : http://www.facebook.com/DragonsclawOf...

Dragonsclaw are:
Giles Lavery - Vocals
Ben Thomas - Guitar
Aaron Bryn Thomas - Bass
Ray Martens - Keys
Alcides "Seed" Stowe - Drums

Blake Mitchell

Elixir Black

Director's Statement:
All great heavy metal walks a fine line between taking itself too seriously and self parody, if it falls on either side of the line it loses all it's charm. Dragonsclaw walk that line perfectly and we made this video with that notion in mind. Given the budget was less than $400 AUD, we didn't have a whole lot of resources to play with, so it was a real struggle to get something that I thought lived up to the "epic" scope of the music. We used that "cheapness", as Frank Zappa would have called it, to channel our favorite low budget horror films of the 1980s, especially Sleepaway Camp 2.

DSLR cameras have allowed anyone to make a professional looking clip and that is a blessing and a curse. I'm really sick of metal bands making videos with low budget CGI and crisp, clean and ultimately bland video. So many cheap metal videos these days more look like late night hotline commercials for the mentally challenged... Actually, that would be kinda interesting to watch... Anyway, to avoid that overly clean aesthetic I hate so much, I used a lot of layered light leaks, 8mm film burns and film noise. I think it gives it a visceral, tactile feel to the video and makes it feel like it has had a life prior to the digital age. Much like how the music of Dragonsclaw channels that classic 1980s heavy metal style and sound, despite being recorded digitially and on modern equipment.

Conceptually, its yet another heavy metal video with the recipe of a knife, a stalker (Blake Mitchell) and a hot chick (Elixir Black). The song was originally written about a vampire, but we didn't have the budget to pull that off and personally, I think vampires are played out. I interpreted "the darkness within" to be about Jung's concept of the shadow, hence "the shadow zone". The video plays out a cheesy absurd melodrama in which "the shadow" of both characters is explored as it relates to fear, death and hate. The band are performing within "the shadow zone", and are kind of the personification of what I imagine lurks in the ethological record of our DNA code.

As for the puppets; One day as I was walking down my street I thought it would be fantastic if I had a hand puppet of the devil for some scenes in the video, I walked a few meters down the road and found a cluster of puppets lying on the nature strip and amongst them was one of the devil! The scenes I wanted them for were scrapped due to budget and time limitations but I felt they had to be included somewhere... and two of them are. Amazing what you can find on the street in suburban Sydney.

Honestly though, I hope this video entertains.I think it's got a different vibe and feel to other metal clips out there and considering the budget, I'm proud of it.

Stay Heavy,
Jeremy Belinfante

P.S Apologies to Sydney filmmaker, Daniel Havas / Tobey Thompson, who helped out but I stupidly forgot to mention him in the thanks! Apologies, bro! Check out Havas' antics here : www.havash.net



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