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Published on Dec 10, 2010

Hello Youtube! This movie was made for the fans!
either fans of the game or me!(Sorry, modest much?)
Whatever, I have been given this question over and over. "How do you unlock the Sword in Enter the Matrix?"
Well, this movie was my answer.
after a failed attempt at getting Half-Life 2 from Mac Steam, I grew depressed. Then I remembered the question brought to hand. SO I TOOK OUT MY CAMERA AND TRIPOD ONCE MORE TO GIVE ALL OF YOU THIS TUTORIAL!! Ask me any questions you have, I'll make sure to write back ASAP! And for everyone else with bad streaming or Dial-up,
Here is a basic walkthrough of the sword code for the hearing impaired, or the lazy. -*UPDATE*- Fixed the phone numbers a few lines down!

Enter the Matrix Swordfight Mod Hack Walkthrough:

To unlock the swordfight, follow these steps:

Open the Hacking program from the main menu.

Note: You must have completed the game first in order for this cheat to work; and the game file you select at the Hacking menu must have the game completed.

Type "LOGIN" and press Enter.
Type "GUEST" and press Enter.
Type "DIR", then a space.
DIR should now appear in your command list.

Access the B Drive through the DIR command.
Select TOOLS from the B Drive.

It will be locked and will ask you for an access code.
The access code consists of 1s and 0s.

You must guess the access code, as it is different each time.
It is only five digits long. Once you have access to the TOOLS on the B Drive, type all the .EXE files (without the .EXE after them).

For example, type "DECODE" then a space. DECODE will now appear in the command list. Repeat this for all other .EXE files in the TOOLS folder in the B Drive. Now, access VIRTUAL on your command list.

Type in "FROZENFISH" as the password. An authentication test will start. An image of a Chinese symbol will appear, but it will be scrambled.

The image is broken into 9 squares, and each square will have five different choices. You must change all the pieces so that a complete image appears. You have a limited amount of time to do this.

Note: go to this URL to view both the red and blue Chinese character puzzle solutions.


Once you guess a correct image, the timer will stop and you will be taken back to the hacking screen.
Look at the top of the screen.
If it says "Solution: Blue", then the line will be traced and you will have to enter "TRACEKILL" and then press enter as fast as possible or all progress will be lost.

Once you enter TRACEKILL, you will have to start back at accessing VIRTUAL on your command list.

However, if it says "Solution: Red", then you will hear a message from Neo and get access to the V Drive. Open the V Drive and get all the commands from the TOOLS folder on your command list. Open the ROOTSEARCH program. Now, open the ROOT folder in the B Drive and get the two commands there on your command list.

Enter the MAIL command and type "THISISNOTREAL" as the password and type "YES". You will get a list of phone numbers:






Select the DIAL command and dial 001-949-555-0101.
You should get a message from Persephone.

Next dial 001-310-555-0111.
You will get you a message from Trinity.
She will give you a number. Select PORTKEY and enter the number.

She will start to talk to you.
Type "NO" to both questions and she will give you a program called CRACK on your command list.

Open it, then type "8RAM". It should look like this: "CRACK 8RAM".
You now have access to the RAM drive.

Go to DIR on your command list and access the RAM drive.
A list of folder names will appear. Open the TRINITY folder.

Get the Training command on your DIR by typing "TRAINING" then a space.

Go to your command list and select TRAINING.
On you command list, a file called SWORD.DSK will come up. Select it.

It has now uploaded the sword onto you character in the Matrix.

Controls for the sword:
Gamecube Controls Only
Normal Attack: A+X
Stab Attack:A+Z or just Z

Note: the stab move only works on the people in the Cheteau, the SWAT officers, Malachi and Bain, Trinity and the Agents. Cannot be done on any others.(That I know of)
The sword can be used by either Ghost or Niobe.
The sword even works in Multiplayer mode!


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