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Published on Aug 18, 2010

Lyra's Pov

I looked in the mirror, staring at my perfect foundation, blood red lips, and intense glitter eye makeup. I looked perfect. Today I had to look flawless. Today was the day where my music class gets to perform the songs we all wrote for the class.
But not only is that important, but yesterday Professor Kevin told us something that made me the happiest person in the world. He said that Professor Nick has a free period during our music class and that he was coming to hear our songs! I wanted him to hear me sing.
So I took a deep breath and walked down the hall to math. I had trouble paying attention, all I could think about was music class. During math, Jasper was flirting with me the whole time, but I didn't care. I knew the person I wanted, and that was Nick. Until I turn 18 I can't have him. But I don't care -- since when do I follow the rules?
Finally the bell rang and math was over. I walked down the hall to music. I was so excited. I entered the room and. Professor Nick was already here by Professor Kevin talking. But when he saw me he winked at me. I made my way across the room and took a seat by Tess and Tiara. It was only then that I remembered what we had done that was so bad.

Lyra -- (whispering) What happens if we get caught because we stole the song?
Tiara -- We won't. I've done it billions of times.
Lyra -- Are you sure?
Tess -- Trust me. Its gonna be fine.

Professor Kevin -- Alright, looks like everyones here. So we're just going to pick a group randomly out of a bowl to decide the order. Also as many of you know, Professor Nick often helps out with the music program here, so today hes here to see all of you perform.
I watched as he picked a name out of the bowl. I crossed my fingers it wasn't us. I didn't want to go first.

Professor Kevin -- Up first we have Tiara, Tess and Lyra.

I got up following them to the center of the room.

Professor Kevin -- Are you playing instruments, or did you make a mix on a cd?
Tess -- Cd. (hands Kevin the cd.)

The music came on, and we started singing Telephone. We sounded pretty good. After about 5 minutes or however long that song was, all the everyone burst into applause. Everyone except for Professor Nick. I felt hurt, I wanted him to see me shine. But he looked disappointed.

Professor Kevin -- Excellent job girls. Next we have George Smith.

We watched as a boy made his way out towards the paino. Then he began to play a really pretty melody. We we're about to take our seats, when Professor Nick motioned us over towards his seat. We all went over there a little confused.

Lyra- You wanted to see us Professor?
Professor Nick -- During lunch I want you three in my room. Understood?
Lyra and Tess -- Yes sir.
Tiara -- Is everything ok?
Professor Nick -- Get back to your seats, (ignoring their question)

We all went back, and then it dawned on me why he was disappointed.
Lyra -- (whispering) He knows we cheated.
Tess - (whispering)I don't think he does. He looked like he was thinking about something.
Tiara - (whispering) He used to be on Broadway you know. And I bet he was thinking of a way to get us noticed during our performance.
Lyra -- But he looked disappointed guys.
Tess -- I really hope you're wrong Lyra.
Lyra -- I hope I'm wrong too.

The rest of the day went by quick and it was soon lunch. I walked to Professor Nick's room and saw Tiara and Tess were already there.

Professor Nick -- Good, you're here Lyra. Close the door behind you.

I did as he asked, a little scared that he knew.

Does Nick know they paid someone on the internet to write them a song, or does he want to see them about something else? If so, what?

Random Question
Whats the last movie you saw in a theatre and how was it?

My answer is Cats and Dogs 3D. The movie was pretty stupid, but the 3D effects made it entertaining.

*Until further notice 21toocool has quit writing this story as well as her own stories. ) '' :


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